Campaign Automation Software - Is Your Business Ready for It?

Discover if you're ready for campaign automation software

Are you prepared for campaign automation software?

Identify whether your business is ready for the time and process efficiencies that campaign automation software will bring…

This short survey will take no more than two minutes to complete and will highlight some of the topics you need to consider when preparing to implement  a marketing and campaign automation tool.

The right multi-channel campaign automation software can make drastic improvements to your business processes and the way in which you operate. However, it might also highlight data inconsistencies and different attitudes that exist across your business.

This interactive survey will help you prepare for all that a multi-channel campaign automation tool has to offer. By identifying whether your business is aligned on a low, moderate or strong level, you can detect areas that may need to be developed or refined to ensure you have a successful implementation.

For each statement say how much you agree, strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree. Review the very low and moderate results to highlight the areas on which your company needs to focus.

Discover more about using data and automation to boost your business, download 'Why You Cannot Have an Efficient Marketing Strategy Without a Data Strategy' now.

Why You Cannot Have an Effective Marketing Strategy, Without a Data Strategy

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Melanie Davis has been Marketing Manager at Apteco Ltd since 2007. Her role in driving the FastStats® brand to support Apteco’s partner channel includes a wide range of marketing activities from advertising and website development to exhibitions and events. Melanie has worked as a B2B marketer in the data and direct marketing industry for over 14 years and is responsible for the annual FastStats® user group conference which now attracts over 250 delegates.