Best use of FastStats 2011 Award

Using FastStats to analyse and report on loyalty card data in a timely manner for targeted email campaigns


From January 2009 to February 2010 Costa trialled a loyalty card concept in Scotland, the results of which indicated that national roll out of the scheme would be successful and stand out in a crowded and competitive loyalty scheme market.

The scheme was rolled out to the rest of England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 4th March 2010. Within the first eight weeks of the roll out the targets for card take-up and registration had been exceeded, proving the efficacy of the product redevelopment and consequently one of the most successful loyalty card launches in the UK.


Card based loyalty schemes provide a by-product in the form of customer data, and in turn, customer insight. The system, powered by Givex, produces loyalty card data which is accessed by Costa. However, analysis on the data can only be undertaken by downloading each customer record and then analysing it within another application. This used to take several hours and as a consequence time responsive activities could not be initiated. In addition, the data from several reports had to be “stitched” together in order for analysis to be undertaken and insight to be generated. Because registration is not mandatory it is possible to hold and use several cards – this distorts the number of customers when not matched to an individual. Consequentially the numbers reported could not be verified and were presented with warnings as to its accuracy.

The lack of timely information impacted upon the customer communications programme: Costa were able to send only the monthly mandatory statement, with the occasional promotionally led email, none of which were designed around customer need states.

Aszent designed and built a Single Customer View system using Apteco’s FastStats marketing analysis application


Apteco approved partner - Aszent, was asked to find a solution that would enable Costa to bring together the various streams of loyalty card data and campaign information, as well as provide a way of analysing and reporting on it that would be substantially faster than using the existing methods. A key requirement was to provide as seamless an integration as possible between the Email Service Provider and the resultant system.

Aszent also needed to ensure that the wider organisational requirements of Costa’s parent company, Whitbread Limited, were incorporated into the solution:

  • The system had to be cost effective
  • It had to be scalable to allow additional data feeds or an increased number of users
  • Inbuilt flexibility so that it could be transferred easily from an outsourced solution to that of an enterprise system hosted internally by Whitbread.


Aszent designed and built a Single Customer View system using Apteco’s FastStats marketing analysis application:

  • A SQL server Single Customer View was built using feeds from the Givex loyalty card,  Torex EPOS and email marketing campaigns data – records were matched to unique email addresses so that accurate counts and analysis could be undertaken
  • The email marketing system was integrated with the campaign management module to enable Costa to design targeted email campaigns, using variables created within FastStats, and provided a feedback loop of responses back into the Single Customer View database
  • The FastStats front end was customised in Costa’s corporate colours and branding.


  • Resource can now be spent developing insight to create highly targeted communications campaigns, as well as business and marketing strategies;
  • The ability to realise the overall business strategy to increase penetration of specific market segments;
  • Faster and more powerful reporting capability;
  • Client departments of Marketing such as Retail Operations, Risk Management, Finance, etc are able to request and receive reports and analysis to enable them to achieve their objectives, e.g. fraudulent transaction tracking, store segmentation, store league table performance, store planning, etc.
  • Improved utilisation of resource as less time spent on downloading reports.


Additional data sources for the Loyalty database are in the pipeline: these will help to enrich the insight derived from the data so that Costa Coffee can continue to grow the business and achieve the accolade of having a truly global loyalty club.

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