Using FastStats to enhance SCV understanding and improve campaign performance

Company Background

Foot Shop Ltd 

The business was started in the early 1980’s by David Price, a former Clark’s employee.  The business began by selling DIY comfort shoe kits.

In 1990 Cosyfeet was acquired. It was a small business specialising in slippers for people with swollen feet. Since then it’s developed into the UK’s leading supplier of Extra Roomy footwear, socks, hosiery and foot comfort products.

In 2005 Foot Shop Ltd purchased Walktall, a mail-order business specialising in larger men’s shoes. It’s now the UK’s number one online retailer of men’s branded footwear in large sizes.

The company currently employs more than 90 people in a variety of full-time and part-time roles.

Wood for Trees  Wood for Trees logo

Wood for Trees is a partner of Apteco. The business places the focus firmly on insight. Working with some of the UK's best-known not-for-profit organisations, Wood for Trees has improved fundraising efficiency and performance by enhancing client data and database systems. They have built a reputation (and won awards) for providing valuable insight, strategic recommendations and pragmatic advice.

Project planning times have been cut by 50%, with sales increasing by 15%. FastStats has had a significantly positive effect on Foot Shop's trading.


The solution for Foot Shop entailed setting up the entirely new hosted database platform whilst also providing like-for-like functionality to that provided by the incumbent supplier. This set not only the challenge of replicating the database structure and associated hygiene and de-duplication functionality, but also of ensuring that all saved queries, analysis, reports and campaigns functioned with the new system right from the outset. In the process of ensuring that all functionality was supported, it was also discovered that there were several areas where the previous solution could be improved upon. 

These were discussed with the client and implemented; the outcome exceeded expectations – and as well as providing the originally required deliverables, the process improved functionality in key areas. 

The data is extracted on a monthly basis from Foot Shop’s operational database and sent to Wood for Trees as a SQL backup. This is extracted, checked and verified via automated processes before being processed through the data hygiene and deduplication routines. The result of the de-duplication to a Single Customer View allows the client to see the true overall value of each of their customers, whereas their operational database only allows an appreciation of individual accounts. Hosting the resulting data within the FastStats software suite gives a fast, easy to use environment within which to interrogate the customer data, analysing trends, creating campaign files for various communication channels, and refreshing management information reports.


Since implementing the solution, Foot Shop’s targeting and customer selections have improved email turnover by over 200%, and project planning times have been cut by 50%. Furthermore, over a six-month period marketing costs were reduced by 10% due to more effective targeting of customers, whilst sales increased by 15%. FastStats’ ability to clearly identify which customers should be used for different campaigns and offers, whilst avoiding those customers who are unlikely to respond positively, is clearly having a significant positive impact on trading.