Best use of FastStats 2009 Awards

Using FastStats® to view, analyse and segment data for customer and prospect campaigns

Company Overview

In recent years Kia has become a global player in the Automotive Industry, boasting an ever-expanding range of cars sold through 179 distributors and over 3,000 overseas dealers in 155 countries around the world. A wholly owned subsidiary, Kia Motors UK currently has more than 140 dealerships with substantial plans to grow the network in order to support strong sales.


Like all manufacturers and dealerships operating in the Automotive Sector, Kia endeavours to co-ordinate sales activity for new sales, re-sales, and servicing and finance packages, with the aim of increasing sales and lowering costs. Integral to this is the ability to be able to track marketing activity across all channels whether it be online, direct marketing, or footfall into the dealership; knowing how, when and why people want to be marketed to is essential.


Kia’s FastStats® solution was put in place as a hosted database by Occam in January 2008. It currently provides an environment that takes regular feeds of data from both Kia and other third party suppliers, consolidates them into a single SQL database, and subsequently populates a FastStats® database with the resulting data.

Access to the FastStats® database is provided through the remote usage of FastStats® Discoverer for Kia users, and it is this application that is then used to view, analyse and segment data for customer and prospect campaigns. This is supported by Excelsior for Kia’s reporting requirements.

Kia Motors were able to improve their efficiency across a number of sectors. Leading to reduced production costs and increasing sales.


The initial project was a migration from an existing SQL database that had no tool attached to it. FastStats® was pitched as being the best solution for Kia’s needs. These were:

  • The need for a single repository of clean, deduplicated, high quality customer information. Integral to this was the notion of unique customer profiles (customers appearing once and only once in the repository), and the development of just a single version of the repository containing accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Access to a range of information associated with this customer information including; all outbound marketing history, all Kia ownership details, and warranty claims, and all brochure requests.
  • Establishing means by which users were able to analyse the data in the repository, perform counts, and then use these results to segment the repository and plan and execute campaigns.  


In order to meet these objectives, Occam delivered a FastStats® solution underpinned by a SQL database. FastStats® Discoverer has provided a much needed Single Customer View (SCV) which is the core repository of clean, de-duplicated customer information. The SCV includes individual, vehicle, and address level information and also includes full contact history at each level. It has allowed users to perform counts, segment the data and also extract customer data all from one central point. Campaign information is updated directly by the count and campaign tools, and response information is loaded from files provided by Kia’s various fulfilment agencies. The provision of FastStats® as a high performance, user friendly data access tool is a key component of the Occam solution, enabling users to navigate the systems easily and facilitate campaign management.

Use of FastStats® Excelsior

Deploying Excelsior as the preferred reporting tool has enabled Kia to share top level information from the database around the business. Initial usage was limited to simple cross tabs showing stats on various areas of interest including brochure requests, sales YTD and customer profiles using Acorn. This has now been expanded to a ‘dashboard’ approach to give a graphical representation of this information that is just the start of Kia’s plan to utilise Excelsior’s capabilities to the full. Below is an example of this dashboard.

Kia Dashboard


Since its implementation, the FastStats® solution has enabled Kia to significantly boost its marketing activity, cutting costs through more effective segmenting and targeting, and helping to increase retail sales in tougher trading conditions.

John Bache, Customer Database Manager at Kia comments: "Occam’s implementation of FastStats has bolstered our marketing activity and contributed heavily to our retail sales which are currently up by 4% for the year. Given the economic conditions, this is very positive.”


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