Best use of FastStats 2012 Award


  • Inability to explain complex database movements to people with different levels of technical ability.
  • Inability to fully understand the dynamics of supporter acquisition, retention and reactivation over time. 
  • Inability to drill down at product level to see the impact of dormant records and reactivations.
Identification of important marketing issues, justifying the need for a more extensive acquisition strategy.


  • To explain complex database movements in a visually creative way.
  • To provide insight into acquisition, retention and reactivation performance over time.
  • Provide intelligence on the behaviours of dormant supporters reactivation.
  • Identify the volume of supporters becoming lapsed each year.
  • Provide insight on supporters journey on the database from year to year.

Solution - Supporter Journey Tracker

Figure 1Figure 2

What does it provide?

  • Simplification of complex KPIs in a visually stimulating diagram 
  • Identifies supporter journeys across the database from year to year, by showing transition between transacting, dormant and lapsed stages of support.
  • Enables people of different levels of technical ability to identify key database trends.
  • A revolutionary method of displaying complex information through the use of flow and venn diagrams.

Technical Features: Complex Parameters Parameterised variables within selections drive the information returned in cubes and trees for the Excelsior report. Formula driven named ranges within the Excelsior report define data to be selected within the parameterised variables.

Technical Features: Combined Technology Complex VBA and formulas combined with FastStats technology for a user friendly flexible report.

Technical features: Dynamic Venn Diagrams Dynamic Venn diagrams created through the use of trees, images and Autoshapes.


  • Helped to justify big strategic changes and decisions being made at the time of creation. 
  • Identification of important marketing issues, justifying the need for a more extensive acquisition strategy.    
  • Raised importance of reactivation of lapsed records. 
  • Insight gained causing prioirties around products to be realigned. 
  • PDSA’s contact centre realigned to focus reactivation. 
  • Previously unrecognised issues identified and raised to be investigated further through future development of the supporter journey tracker tool.