Discoverer Sales Resources

Click on the links below to download the latest Apteco FastStats commercial documents.

FastStats Discoverer movie - make sense of the data chaos

This FastStats Discoverer animated movie shows how an organisation’s many data sources can be brought together and analysed to improve targeting and communications. Perfect for initial meetings, exhibitions and events.

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Download MP4 file German Version 

FastStats Discoverer presentation

Use this presentation to introduce FastStats Discoverer to prospects. These PowerPoint slides provide a high level overview and illustrate how the software can help businesses make informed marketing decisions. The slides discuss what it can do, why it is needed and how the software can be used. This is followed by a summary of the key analysis tools available and what is involved in getting FastStats Discoverer up and running.
This presentation is also available in German  Download here

Discoverer Roadshow presentation slides

Download the PowerPoint slides from the FastStats Discoverer Roadshow partner event held at The Soho Hotel in London on 7th July 2016. Includes product and competitive positioning, new sales resources available for partners, data protection, development roadmap and project Orbit, plus hot topics such as Best Next Offer, storyboards, aggregations, segmentation, customer journeys and retention.