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Apteco OrbitAnalytics

Apteco Orbit allows you to easily present visually stunning storyboards that communicate insights with your organisation. Visualisations such as charts, Venn diagrams and cubes can be uploaded into Apteco Orbit for immediate sharing with non-Apteco Marketing Suite users and colleagues. Apteco Orbit is browser-based and works on tablets, phones and desktop computers. With Apteco Orbit you can clearly share the stories and insights hidden within your database.

Using Apteco Orbit, your business will be able to:

  • Share stunning data visualisations speedily and securely
  • Access your collections from anywhere via any modern browser or device
  • Get up and running straight away with little or no training
  • Distribute analytical insights and data visualisations to colleagues
  • Reformat, sequence and annotate visualisations created in Apteco FastStats®
  • Allow non-Apteco Marketing Suite users to create their own FREE account and access collections shared with them.
  • Tell your data stories clearly with the power of Apteco FastStats® Charts, Venns and Cubes.
  • Automatic updates and upgrade process ensures you are working with the latest functionality 
  • Easily notify users when a collection is updated

All Apteco FastStats® licence holders can share their analytics storyboards using Apteco Orbit technology for free. New non-Apteco Marketing Suite users receiving a share notification email can register themselves with a free Apteco Orbit account and continue to share collections with their colleagues or wider audience. If you update a collection then existing users can easily be notified about updates. Sharing is controllable by email domain restrictions applied by the administrator. Designed from the outset to provide a secure platform, Apteco Orbit ensures your organisation’s insights are accessible to everyone who needs them and nobody else.

Apteco Orbit includes an automatic update process so that new features and upgrades will be available as soon as they are released by Apteco. Apteco Orbit will be updated approximately every fortnight and maintain compatibility with the Apteco Marketing Suite released in the prior year. You will always be working with the very latest interface and functionality.

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Next Steps

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