FastStats WebLink

FastStats WebLink delivers your marketing data and analysis to your web browser. Now you can manage and report on campaigns anyplace, anytime.

Data analysis and customer profiling software delivered via web browser

FastStats WebLink is a comprehensive marketing workbench application delivered through a web browser, allowing you to create and manage campaigns anywhere, at any time. WebLink brings business information to your fingertips and helps you put it to work for your marketing.

Just like the Discoverer desktop version of FastStats®, the WebLink marketing application performs selections on databases with millions of rows and thousands of variables in seconds, enabling you to build a timely and accurate understanding of your customers and transactions.

Real time Analysis Marketing application

FastStats WebLink allows you to:

  • Get easy and speedy access to data for those that need it.
  • Make data selections for drill-down analysis.
  • Use analytical tools to produce reports and 3D charts that allow you to visualise customer segments.
  • Reveal trends in your data.
  • Identify cross selling opportunities.
  • Create and plan ad-hoc or scheduled campaigns on the move.
  • Apply one-per-household or pack split key-coding to promotions to increase relevance.
  • Profile, model and score your customers and leads using PWE and propensity scores.

FastStats WebLink is a proven web Java marketing application designed for workgroups which need to share online access to a central marketing resource. The functions, records and variables available can be configured to suit the role and experience of each user or group. FastStats WebLink securely connects to the FastStats.NET WebService to access the power of the FastStats® Server without placing data security at risk of theft or loss.

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