Infographic: The Essential Email Automation Cheatsheet

12 Apr 2024  |  by Katie Harvard

In this infographic, we illustrate the ways you can overcome frustrating email marketing problems with automation.

While email remains a highly effective marketing channel, achieving success isn't as simple as manually sending emails and hoping for the best. This infographic serves as a handy reference guide to help you glean the value of email automation (and prove it to your marketing team).

Infographic: The Essential Email Automation CheatsheetApteco---Infographic---Email-automation-CTA

Infographic: The Essential Email Automation Cheatsheet sources


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Katie Harvard

Marketing and brand specialist

Katie joined Apteco in 2017 and has worked in design and marketing for over 20 years. Before starting at Apteco, Katie refined her skills in advertising agencies and large global corporates. In 2012 she started her own marketing consultancy which she ran until she moved to the UK. Katie is passionate about design and branding. 

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