"I want fully automated, event-triggered campaigns that free up my time for other work"

"I don't want manual, time-consuming campaigns."

Boost your marketing efforts

Automation is a key component of modern marketing, and it's no longer a nice-to-have, its become a must-have for any successful brand. It enables marketing complexity alongside operational efficiency, ensuring each customer receives carefully targeted communications at the perfect time. Automation streamlines processes so you can communicate with your customers at scale through multiple channels to keep them loyal and engaged. Not to mention it also encourages them to keep spending money with you.

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Increase buying frequency
Increase buying frequency

Vouchers and coupons are extremely useful tools to offer customers value while increasing purchasing frequency and growth. Use vouchers in your Apteco campaigns, from discounts and bundling coupons (buy one get one free), to online and mobile coupons to be redeemed via a smartphone.

Better nurturing of leads
Better nurturing of leads

Prospects need on average approximately seven touch points before they are ready to buy from you, and contacting them too frequently can annoy them. Multi-stage lead nurturing takes the right timing into account, factoring in behavioural insights and the average time it takes to make a purchase.

Optimise campaigns with split testing
Optimise campaigns with split testing

Also known as A/B tests, split tests are a great way to see which email, subject line, landing page or banner generates the best results. Two variations are shared with a small but significant audience, and the best performing version is sent to the rest of the group.

Build brand awareness
Build brand awareness

Automation is a powerful tool for building brand awareness. Automating campaigns means you can consistently reach customers with content that is relevant to who they are and where they’re at in their buyer's journey. This helps to remind customers of your brand, your ethos and your message.

Drive conversions
Drive conversions

Email automation is an effective way to drive conversions without the need for manual effort. Trigger automated campaigns to respond immediately to customer interactions, for example if they abandon an item at the checkout, this provides the perfect opportunity to recover a sale.

Improved customer retention
Improved customer retention

One way automation can improve customer retention is through customer feedback. Send surveys to customers automatically once they’ve received their order, to understand their buying experience and how they found your service. Then you can make any necessary changes for improved customer retention.

Supercharge your email marketing

Automate reliable email journeys

Design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

Precisely trigger your campaigns

Gone are the days when linear campaigns can be planned six months in advance. Customer journeys are now more likely to be event-triggered with a combination of push and pull channels in play. And the complexity of managing customer interactions across multiple channels based on event triggers can only be mastered with the aid of analysis and automation tools. For example, an online basket cancellation on your website could be the trigger for a multi-step campaign to remind a customer to complete the order, or a customer's birthday, purchase anniversary or reaching a set number of loyalty points could trigger a special offer.

Email event trigger workflow

Seize the initiative

Marketers want to take action proactively when customers initiate triggers. After all, the right communication at the right time is the golden rule of data-driven marketing. Time-based, internal or external event triggers can start a campaign at any moment, with communications increasingly being played out in real-time. 
Automation ensures a hands-off approach to customer engagement, so it doesn’t need you or your team to monitor trends or data to send well-timed communications. And manual processes can face lengthy delays, which means you’re more likely to miss out to your competitors.

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The speed and simplicity of Apteco has made a significant contribution to PDSA's campaign planning and campaign production and we have been delighted with the product's impact on our marketing team.

Shaun Williams, head of marketing services, PDSA

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What is campaign automation?

Campaign automation is the use of an omni-channel software platform to consolidate, create, and automate a variety of related marketing initiatives. It incorporates customer data analysis and complex targeting rules and gives companies the ability to fully automate the end-to-end campaign process, both online and offline.

What are the benefits of campaign automation?

Automation has a huge number of benefits (many of which we've covered above) that means it should undoubtedly be something you’re doing. If you’re not doing it already, you’re potentially wasting time, money and resources. 

The main benefits include:

  • Automation helps to free marketers up from manual and time-consuming tasks associated with managing non-integrated marketing processes, and instead focus on the optimisation of the marketing itself
  • More efficient and effective marketing campaigns using many different data sources to inform targeting decisions
  • Campaign automation simplifies your tasks and workflows, saving you valuable time
  • It removes the need for manual repetitive campaign tasks and support from IT
  • Campaign automation makes your marketing activities more effective by helping you achieve personalisation at scale, improving the customer experience at every touchpoint
  • It uses past transactional data and predictive analytics, so the right customer receives the right message, through the right channels, at the right time
What can campaign automation help me achieve?

The possibilities for campaign automation are endless. You can automate campaigns across multiple channels, using multiple types of campaigns, to achieve a multitude of goals. Examples of goals you might set for automation might be:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Nurture leads
  • Improve open rates
  • Improve click rates
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Improve engagement
How can Apteco help me?

With Apteco's state-of-the-art functionality, it has never been easier to create, manage, and automate multi-channel, multi-stage, triggered marketing communications and personalised campaigns giving you the best chance of success.

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