Choose the implementation solution that works best for you

Not everyone works the same way. So take advantage of Apteco software's flexible cloud, on-premise and shared hosting options and find the one that fits your specific requirements.

Apteco Cloud
Apteco Cloud

Apteco software is available via a flexible, cloud-hosted managed solution with all software updates applied for you and your data protected to cloud security standards. Apteco Cloud delivers a comprehensive hosting service that can be set-up and ready to use within one working day, boosts performance and offers expert Apteco technical support.


If you have your own IT support department and data centre capacity, an onsite software implementation may be the correct choice. Many of our partners will be happy to provide the first line of support required to configure and maintain an on-premise Apteco marketing software solution.


If you're looking to limit cost and resources, a service hosted by one of our trusted partners may offer a better alternative. Apteco software can be hosted on a dedicated or shared server to offer a cost-effective solution.

Move to the cloud with confidence

There are many complex factors involved in hosting and managing marketing technology. Apteco Cloud removes the effort by delivering a flexible and secure managed solution for our partners and clients. With all software updates applied and data protected to cloud security standards, you benefit from speedy deployment of Apteco systems and reduced internal resource issues. Scalable storage and reliable performance means you can be confident that your Apteco Orbit and FastStats marketing data insight systems are always working at maximum speed.

Move to Apteco cloud with confidence

Protect your data with cloud security standards

Apteco Cloud provides automated daily, weekly and monthly back-ups ensuring rapid disaster recovery. With trusted security through AWS, regular Apteco Cloud security audits and penetration tests carried out by Netcraft, you can be confident that your data is always protected. And with Global data centres available, your data jurisdiction requirements are also covered.

Apteco Cloud is regularly audited by Netcraft for vulnerabilities

Apteco cloud security

Why Apteco Cloud?

  • Reduced need for in-house IT hosting skills and technical support
  • Problems resolved quickly by the Apteco technical services team
  • 24/7 system availability 
  • Storage and performance are scalable when needed
  • All software updates applied
  • Quick to implement – ready to use within one working day
  • Our hybrid model allows systems to be built close to your data sources and then hosted within the Apteco Cloud


Apteco Cloud benefits

Supercharge your email marketing

Secure and reliable email delivery

Design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

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