Meet the team

At Apteco we treasure our employees and give them real flexibility and responsibility. Our success is due to these dedicated and talented individuals who are responsible for the highest levels of customer service available in our marketplace today.


We have a strong ethos of work-life balance and are extremely proud that not one member of our team has ever left Apteco. It is therefore no surprise that we have attracted some of the best developers and marketing analysts available within the industry today.

James Alty

Managing Director

Founder & MD of Apteco, James is a technologist at heart, now responsible for ensuring we meet our clients’ needs with powerful software and great services. Outside Apteco, James is a squash player, private pilot & single speed cyclist.

Rob Downs

Technology Director

Rob is a founding director of Apteco and has led the R&D of the data analysis server at the heart of our Marketing Suite software. He is team leader of the R&D group & runs financial matters within the company - but he prefers running marathons.

Simon Holderness

Development Director

A founding director and head of the development team, Simon coded the first generation of the Apteco Marketing Suite & developed them into today’s leading edge applications. In his spare time he once renovated an old primary school into a house & now runs a farm.

Simon Fletcher

Business Development Director

Known to everyone as Fletch, Simon is an experienced business manager, a data driven marketing advocate & IDM graduate in Direct & Digital Marketing. We have recruited over 70 partners since he joined Apteco in 2002.

Tom Miles

Business Development Executive

Tom joined the Business Development team in 2017, after previous roles in the logistics and utilities sectors. Tom supports our partner channel, focussing on partner queries and lead management. Outside of Apteco, Tom is a keen cyclist and recently started racing at an amateur level.

Francesca Hose-Berté

Marketing and content specialist

Driven by innovative marketing, Francesca has been supporting Apteco's partner channel since 2012. Having previously worked for npower and Cancer Research UK, she is now immersed in the world of data & strives to see businesses use it effectively.

Melanie Davis

Marketing Manager

Since 2007 Mel has led the Apteco marketing team in driving the Apteco brand. She has been a B2B marketer in the data and marketing technology sectors for over 17 years. Her aim is to ensure that Apteco is a trusted and respected brand that is the first point of call for all data driven marketers. 

Katie Harvard

Marketing and brand specialist

Katie started working for Apteco in 2017. This seasoned marketer has worked in the industry for over 20 years and is passionate about design and branding. Before starting at Apteco, Katie ran her own marketing consultancy, worked in a large global corporate and in advertising agencies.

Jackie Hayward

Administration Manager

Jackie's team is the first point of call for all licensing enquiries, training bookings & accounts payable. An experienced administrator & office manager for more than 20 years, Jackie joined in 2004 to ensure the Apteco office runs smoothly.

Michaela Stanley

Administration Assistant

Michaela is responsible for the administration of Apteco’s training courses and will most likely be the person transferring your call when you phone Apteco. A proud mother and grandmother, Michaela also takes care of all your urgent licensing and upgrade requests.

Caroline Horne

Administration Assistant

Caroline joined the Administration team in October 2015 having 20 years of experience in previous admin roles. Caroline deals with all aspects of the admin team’s day to day operations including licensing and training enquiries.

Diane Austin

Training Manager

Diane is responsible for overseeing and delivering user training and co-ordinating the Apteco Marketing Suite User Research and Usability Testing Programme. Before joining Apteco in 2012, she spent 10 years lecturing in Further Education. Diane has worked in a variety of customer-oriented environments, giving her a great balance of business and educational experience.

Mo Debar

Training Consultant

Mo is the latest addition to the Apteco training team. He has experience in manufacturing, IT and education and has worked in the private and public sector. With over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, Mo now delivers training on the Apteco Marketing Suite.

Iain Johnson

Training Consultant

With over 20 years of experience working in education, Iain is a skilled trainer who has spent time teaching both children and adults. You are likely to meet Iain on Apteco FastStats® and Modelling training courses, or out hill walking as he loves the great outdoors.

Andy Chislett

Consultancy Manager

A former DBA & developer, Andy joined Apteco in 2005 & now leads the Apteco consultancy team. When not on the road supporting partners with fresh Apteco Marketing Suite installations, he's building proof of concept systems & working as part of the support team.

Richard Thumwood


Rich joined Apteco in 2006 & was tasked with improving the support call process. This resulted in an email logging, searchable system to increase efficiency and response times. You may meet him during a technical installation, project or consultancy session.

Tony Dzumaga

Technical Author

Tony has over 20 years of experience working in technical documentation; he's working with the whole Apteco team to improve their product documentation and online help. In his spare time, you'll likely find him keeping his knowledge up to date or building another shed.

Martin Cable


In 2013 Martin joined Apteco's consultancy team to assist with the more comprehensive & multifaceted Apteco PeopleStage installations. He previously worked for an international membership organisation leading the IT database team. On Saturday mornings Martin can be found at the local Parkrun.

Liz Walker


Liz joined the Consultancy Team in 2018.  Liz is both CIM and IDM qualified in Direct and Digital marketing and with over 12 years’ experience within data, marketing and campaigning across financial services, utilities, retail and leisure and B2B.

Craig Walker

Support Manager

Craig joined Apteco in 1997 as an analyst programmer. He moved into Apteco Marketing Suite support in 2000 & has been manager of the Technical Support team since 2006. Apteco PeopleStage is the 5th generation of the product he has helped support.

Matt Such

Support Consultant

Matt offers technical & user support to our partner channel on a daily basis. A devoted football supporter, Matt joined Apteco in 2010 from an accountancy role and has since become a valued technical resource, particularly for our PeopleStage campaign management users.

Clive Weston

Support Consultant

Clive has been a part of the support team at Apteco since September 2013. He has worked within the marketing sector for 25 years & has wide experience of data manipulation whilst using & supporting various software applications.

Alex Mumford

Technical Support Consultant

Alex is a huge Heavy Metal fan and vocalist in his own band, however his day job providing technical support to Apteco’s partners is generally a quieter gig. Before joining Apteco in 2015, Alex spent six years as a Support Analyst supporting hardware and various software applications.

Ray Kirk

Consultant Developer

Ray is part of the development team, but has a client facing role. His main focus currently is Apteco PeopleStage, from a training, best use and design perspective. Previously a SAS analyst, Ray's background is in statistics - expertise he used to develop the Decision Tree module within Apteco FastStats®.

Adam Robertson

Senior Developer

Adam Robertson has been a Senior Developer at Apteco since 2004 & has at one time or another led development on Apteco FastStats®, FastStats® Excelsior, Apteco PeopleStage & the Apteco FastStats® API. He has in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft development ecosystem & has a keen interest in developing testing tools.

Robin Holderness


Now part of the development team working on PeopleStage, digital integrations & usability projects, Robin initially joined Apteco in 2011 as a Support Consultant. A former IT leader in the public sector he is a family man & keen football supporter.

Peter Chapman

Senior UI / UX Developer

Pete is a seasoned developer who has been a fundamental part of Apteco since the early years. In the last 15 years he has found himself specialising in the development of user interfaces, with usability & the user centred design process among his favourite topics.

Mo Almass

Front End Developer

Mo works across Apteco’s product user experience, interaction design, visual design, UI and front-end development. Mo has previously worked on the Apteco conference mobile application, UI updates for FastStats, and on the research and design for future web based products. Occasionally, Mo dabbles in Apteco marketing!

Chris Roe


Chris spends his time developing new analytics features for Apteco FastStats®. You may also meet him during Apteco training sessions. In addition to this, Chris spends his time building FastStats systems from publicly available data, searching for insights and writing for the Apteco Blog series.

Stuart Williams

Software Producer

Stuart is a recent addition to the Apteco Development team, primarily testing the Apteco Marketing Suite for defects & providing UI feedback. Moving from the video games industry where he tested and developed games for over 8 years, he is now responsible for improving Apteco's testing methods.

Tim Heron

Senior Developer

Tim started at Apteco as a developer in 2002 and has worked on a wide range of the Apteco Marketing Suite components. Tim is currently a member of the Apteco High Performance Team where his primary focus is on improving the speed and power of the the Apteco Marketing Suite technology.

Sarah Liu


Since 2014, Sarah has played a key role in the integration developments with social media, CRM, push notifications, ESPs and the Apteco conference API / App admin. She is a forward and interdisciplinary thinker and a mum of 3; has worked in the insurance, manufacturing, education and banking sectors prior to joining Apteco. She speaks English, Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese.

Paul Mason

Senior Web Developer

Paul joined Apteco in 2018. He has a wealth of experience in developing enterprise scale web systems. Paul will be a key member of the development team as Apteco look to develop their web based products over the coming years.

Jon Wilkes


Jon joined in 2018. Previously Jon was a core member of a full stack, agile development team at one of the UK’s largest retailers.  Jon specialises in web and mobile based solutions, with an emphasis on continuous delivery, unlocking value at the earliest available opportunity.

Tim Morris


Tim joined Apteco in 2017 having graduated with a maths degree. With an initial focus on Apteco’s Python integration, he has also worked on new analytics features for Apteco Faststats®, and is generally in his element whenever data or algorithms are involved.

3 reasons to partner with Apteco

There are now more than 500 Apteco Marketing Suite systems worldwide and over 3,700 users. Here are 3 reasons why now is the time to join us:

  1. We are financially strong and continue to achieve sales growth year on year.
  2. Our founders have stayed together since 1987.
  3. With no external backers demanding returns, we continue to invest heavily in the next generation of the Apteco Marketing Suite.

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