Apteco Accredited Trainer

This accreditation recognises training expertise and is available for each of the user modules.

Before application, we recommend that candidates attend a ‘Train the Trainer’ course that covers the theory and practical aspects of delivering the Apteco Marketing Suite™ training. To be accredited you must have attended the training courses for the modules you wish to train others in and have Apteco Marketing Suite™ training experience with your organisation.

The accreditation assessment session for each module will take half a day. To maintain the accreditation you need to attend an Accredited Trainer Update day annually, send Apteco details of training courses undertaken and allow Apteco to quality assess an end user training course. If no details are submitted during a year, you will need to attend a refresher ‘Train the Trainer’ course in person to maintain the accreditation.

Our Accredited Trainer Programme aims to ensure  Apteco Marketing Suite™ users receive the highest quality training from qualified trainers at our partner organisations. Apteco Marketing Suite™ customers who attend a training course hosted by an Apteco Accredited Trainer will receive an official Apteco Marketing Suite™ training course certificate issued by Apteco.

FastStats Designer™ Administrator Accreditation

This accreditation recognises FastStats Designer™ data modelling expertise and is aimed at IT professionals who are responsible for designing and building the Apteco Marketing Suite™ systems.

To be accredited you will need a detailed knowledge of relational database structures and how to represent data within Apteco FastStats®. You will be expected to have knowledge of modelling data and building systems with the FastStats Designer™ application.

This is a one day accreditation session held at Apteco. The aim of the session is to allow you to demonstrate your experience and expertise with the FastStats Designer™ application. This accreditation is assessed by an exam which will test your Apteco FastStats® data modelling skills. To maintain this accreditation, you must submit examples of your own design work through the year. If no evidence is available for over a year, you will need to attend another session to retain your accreditation.

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ Sales Accreditation

This accreditation recognises expertise in demonstrating and selling the Apteco Marketing Suite™ flagship products. It is aimed at sales professionals who are responsible for pre-sales and demonstrating software to potential customers. To undertake this accreditation, you will need a working knowledge of Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage™ from both commercial and functional perspectives.

This accreditation is assessed by a half-day session held at Apteco. You will be expected to demonstrate both Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage™ software applications utilising specific functionality with confidence. A practical assessment will allow Apteco to evaluate your understanding of Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage™ and whether you can demonstrate tools and functionality with confidence. To maintain this accreditation you will be required to give annual online or face to face demonstrations to Apteco showing that you are aware of the latest features.

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