"I want to bring all my customer data together into a marketing platform and create smarter campaigns using my existing channel touchpoints."

"I don’t want to run campaigns with only a partial view of my customer data."

All your data in one useful place

Apteco marketing software and your chosen Apteco approved partner work together to create your customer data platform (CDP) by gathering all your customer information in one convenient place. Creating an Apteco CDP makes it easy to take full advantage of your data and put your insight to practical use. Your Apteco CDP delivers value by integrating with other systems, informing your view of the customer and your marketing decisions. 

Customer Data Platform intro
Interaction with delivery platforms
Interaction with delivery platforms

Also known as engagement platforms, your delivery platforms include your CRM, social media management platform, and apps. Your Apteco CDP has robust integrations already in place with multiple delivery and engagement platforms, opening the door to marketing automation and improved engagement results.

Always-on customer profile
Always-on customer profile

An Apteco CDP stores the data permanently, allowing you to build a deeper profile of each customer and target them in a more personalised manner for longer. Track customers as they move between segments you’ve defined to trigger marketing communications at exactly the right moment.

Marketer focused
Marketer focused

Apteco CDPs are designed and built to help marketers achieve their biggest objectives. Unlike traditional warehouses, which are built and run by IT teams, an Apteco CDP allows marketers to easily access customer data and apply it to their marketing campaigns.

Packaged software
Packaged software

Your Apteco CDP is packaged software from leading vendors designed specifically for marketers with usability in mind. No more struggling with custom software, you benefit from industry leading support and resources.

Unified persistence
Unified persistence

Easily recognise variants of a customer's identity across multiple systems and touchpoints. Maximise your understanding of every customer and track customer profiles as they change over time.

API connectivity
API connectivity

The Apteco CDP connects to your other systems using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for easy integration to your apps. A powerful, built-in API allows other systems to access your Apteco CDP in real time as a source of unified customer data and insight.

Supercharge your email marketing

Secure and reliable email delivery

Design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A customer data platform (CDP) is a piece of packaged software that creates a unified customer database that can be accessed by other systems. To create this database, a customer data platform pulls behavioural data, transactional data, and demographic data from multiple sources and unifies it, ensuring all your customer information is in one convenient place. 

What is a Customer Data Platform used for?

The job of a CDP is to collect as much data as possible about your customers and create profiles based on this data. Once customer data has been harvested by the CDP, a huge database is created. This is then segmented into profiles that allow for effective and personalised communications. As a result, marketers find that CDPs are vital for collecting customer data, interpreting it, and leveraging it effectively.

What are the advantages of using a Customer Data Platform?

Collating your existing data on your customers’, both online and offline, all in one easy-to-use platform provides endless benefits to your business from a marketing perspective, such as:

  • Better customer engagement and valuable customer experiences
  • Improved campaign response rates
  • Greater understanding of behaviour
  • Actionable insights
  • Gain insights from real‑time data, identify high‑value segments and predict a customer’s most likely future steps
Why are CDP’s popular with businesses?

CDPs are popular with businesses because they’re a ready-to-use and off-the-shelf solution to understand your customers. CDP platforms draw information from all channels and touchpoints, they have the potential to create a single customer view that is constantly updated. Collecting and unifying data is one of the most important aspects of the CDP platform. By eliminating silos, a complete picture of a customer is generated, and effective analysis becomes possible. When you unify your data from a range of sources and channels, you can create a competitive advantage and gain a powerful understanding of each prospect and customer.

What is the difference between a Customer Data Platform and a Customer Relationship Management system?

While both platforms collect customer data, the main difference is that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software organises and manages customer-facing interactions, while Customer Data Platforms collect data on customer behaviour with your product or service. This allows you to utilise your existing data to better market to your customers based on a variety of aspects, enabling personalised marketing to fit the customers' needs.

What do I do with the data in my CDP?

With Apteco software solutions, easily filter down customers based on a range of filters and group them into targeted audiences. Whether you want to re-target previous prospects, create a dashboard to export or discover new avenues of marketing - the sky is the limit with Apteco's state-of-the-art technology.

I have collated my data into my CDP but what now?

Once all the data has been brought together in your CDP, you can conduct analyses and turn your company’s data into insights to inform targeting decision that drive your campaigns.

With Apteco software, you’ll have the ability to move at speed, get data insights quickly, and beat your competition to the opportunity. You can analyse millions of customer data records in seconds and unlock insights to power high-performing campaigns.

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Through, the use of Market Insight/Apteco FastStats tool combined with the D&B data, Canon has achieved full customer segmentation, it also continues to provide the visibility needed to help shape a ‘Customer Centric Approach’, which will ultimately drive a better customer experience over the medium term

John Marks, B2B Strategy Manager, Canon

Say goodbye to data silos

Unify all your customer data from a wide range of sources and channels. An Apteco CDP helps you make sense of raw, multi-channel data and turn it into a source of competitive advantage. And by gathering data from a variety of places – transactional, website, behavioural, mobile etc – you can generate a powerful understanding of each prospect and customer.

Example of data captured in CDP with highlight of an individual customer

More than just a database

Your Apteco CDP isn't just a data library to collate a huge array of information. Additional features are built-in to help marketers put that data to good use. From data analytics and BI to data cleansing, your Apteco CDP gives you the tools to be proactive. Use your combined data to create marketing campaigns that deliver even greater value.

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We play nicely with others

By integrating Apteco software with your existing applications and tools, you can get one version of the truth and operate with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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