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For over 30 years Apteco has been helping charities to cultivate and maintain lasting relationships with their supporters and donors. From data fusion, data analytics and dashboarding to personalisation, multi-channel campaign automation and optimisation, Apteco offers an end-to-end solution for charities and non-profits.

Fuse your data sources for a 360 degree view
Fuse your data sources for a 360 degree view

Bring together and consolidate all your key data from your different tools and sources into a single location to help you to get a clear view, ensuring your insights are complete and accurate.

Increase your supporters’ lifetime value
Increase your supporters’ lifetime value

Identify positive and negative giving behaviours from patterns hidden within your data, so that you can eliminate hurdles, replicate the high points, and detect where in the journey people are lapsing.

Segment your audience
Segment your audience

Build profiles on different types of supporters so you can target each group with the right kind of appeal at the right time. Segment supporters based on engagement, behaviour, and value across all their interactions with you.

Ensure compliance with GDPR
Ensure compliance with GDPR

Looking to build a compliant, supporter-centric business model? Comply with GDPR rules by easily excluding those who have not consented to particular channels or communication types. Ensure opt-outs are excluded from all campaigns.

Find out how Apteco helped WWF 

Discover how WWF was able to maximise membership and renewal revenues, create highly personalised supporter-centric campaigns, resulting in an uplift in their attrition rates and improved engagement with significantly more website visits and a huge increase in open rates.

WWF Customer story

Better understand your supporters

Gather clear, accurate campaign and audience data on an ongoing basis. Break key information out of disparate silos and centralise it so it’s shared with all relevant departments. Measure and score supporter engagement across all touchpoints – such as website interactions, email open rates, event attendance, and volunteer levels – to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Examples of types of top customers in the charity sector

Transform campaign performance

Create relevant, personalised, and timely campaigns across multiple channels to ensure that you are engaging at every touch point. Boost the ROI of each campaign by factoring variables such as geography, engagement, and behaviour and identify key trends that make it easier to meet financial targets. Prevent over-marketing to your best supporters by applying controls to all campaigns and better align products and experiences with supporters more likely to respond to them.

Charity sector report example

Automate targeted appeals

Set up one campaign that can produce thousands of message variations, perfectly targeted to each individual receiving an email. Targeted automation enables you to reduce operating costs, free up time for more initiatives, and schedule campaign efforts when you are otherwise busy or away from the office – the ideal solution for non-profits who operate with limited resources.

Example of Fundraising subject lines message variants
It can’t be overstated, Wood for Trees and Apteco were pivotal to not only the success of the project but its complete triumph. Being propelled across the data maturity timeline within a year meant that during Covid we were able to sustain income despite shop closures and reduced event and face to face activity. For the first time, we can be confident that we truly have a supporter-focused view ensuring that every action is correct for every supporter.

Stacey Wood, Data Manager, Cats Protection

Why is data important for charities and non-profits?

The data charities and non-profits hold on their donors and supporters, if used to its fullest can greatly impact your marketing communications, fundraising efficiency and improve your supporter experience.

By investing in an effective supporter data analytics platform that brings together all key touchpoints into a single location, fundraisers can deliver the exceptional experience that today's donors demand — and reap considerable rewards as a result.

You can deliver a consistent experience across all channels, with a new level of personalisation that makes donors feel recognised, appreciated, and understood. You can also optimise service by uncovering key areas of friction and either eliminating them or adding in real-time help so that donors are supported when they face challenges.

How can charities use data analytics?

Data analysis, segmentation, profiling, modelling and supporter journey analytics tools can process huge volumes of data. This data can include everything from email open rates and donor feedback to the frequency of website visits, the average value / frequency of donations — even social media behaviour.

This data can be analysed at the click of a button, resulting in meaningful insights that help to build a truly comprehensive picture of your donors and the supporter journey.

What data should charities and non-profits collect?

The data you collect on your donors enables future growth and ensures sustainability. There are several key types of data your charity or non-profit should collect, these are:

  • Biographical information, including age, employment status, family and communication preferences. Knowing the best channels your supporters want to be contacted through will help streamline your omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Donor involvement, such as how the donor gives to charity, such as regular donations, event organisation, volunteer work

With Apteco software, you can begin to identify and understand the patterns of supporter behaviour, pinpoint important areas of friction or key events and recognise which journeys are most valuable.

How can a data strategy help charities?

Data strategies can be beneficial for charities in many ways.

By collecting and analysing data, charities can gain insights into their donors and supporters, which can help them make more informed decisions about fundraising and outreach. For example, data can help charities identify which donors are most likely to give again, which can help them focus their efforts on those donors. Data can also help charities identify trends in giving, such as which types of campaigns are most effective, which can help them optimise their fundraising efforts.

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We play nicely with others

By integrating Apteco software with your existing applications and tools, you can get one version of the truth and operate with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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