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The Apteco partners programme is an exclusive group of marketing service providers and communications specialists who demonstrate not only expertise with the Apteco Marketing Suite™, but who show an unwavering commitment to high levels of customer service and satisfaction. It’s a great opportunity - not only to sell the Apteco Marketing Suite™ implementation services, but to promote consultancy, training and database services to marketers around the world.

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We will be there for the long haul as we want our partnerships to last



Partners and end users want to deal with businesses that tell it like it is, so we do



We will always strive to 'do the right thing' for the customer and our partner



We never stop passing on information as our software develops



We will always try to help and contribute to the efforts of a partner to sell and support our software



We build trust from shared experiences and challenges



We will always react quickly to specific needs across our partner channel



We will NEVER compete with you



Working well with our partners and also within Apteco is the key to our success

We find that when we go out and demo the Apteco Marketing Suite™ to people it just hits the mark every time, it’s the right delivery of the right functionality at the right price point and it’s really easy to use, it’s a pleasure to demo. We know that we can rely on Apteco to deliver what’s needed in the platform.

Matt Tamea, Solutions Director, Wood for Trees

Partner programme FAQs

Q. I want to become part of the Apteco family? Where do I start?

We would love to talk to you so please feel free to pick up the phone and call us on 01926 407565. Alternatively use the contact form HERE or get in touch with business.development@apteco.com

Q. How do I apply for a Apteco Partnership?

Once you contact us we will discuss your interest and start the ball rolling. We are keen to find out what opportunities you see for our technology and we will explain the benefits we can bring to your business and your clients.

Q. Are there different types of Apteco Partnerships?

Types of commercial relationships include:

  • Referral Agent
  • Consultant
  • Agency
  • Partner
  • Distributor

We can provide more details once you contact us.

Q. I want to integrate my software solution or develop an add-on module for Apteco’s products. Do you have a programme for this?

We generally develop integrations with other systems ourselves and this is driven by client demand. Customers and partners can request that Apteco provides an integration and we will consider carrying out the work in order to enhance our customers experience. Contact us to register your interest.

Our partners also provide integration services allowing many and varied,  disparate systems to be brought together in order to facilitate marketing activity.

Q. As a partner, what are the guidelines for using Apteco’s branding in association with my company?

We have marketing guidelines for using our branding as an approved partner. This is available from within the partner portal area. You will need a login to access this area.

Q. Is there a Partnership Agreement that I can review?

Yes there is and we will provide this once we have entered into discussions and a confidentiality agreement is in place.

Q. Is there a cost to become a partner?

No. There is no fee for becoming a partner however you will need to spend some money on training to meet the requirements of the reseller agreement.

Q. Do members of the Apteco VAR Programme get access to software for internal use?

Our partners have full access to all Apteco software for none paid evaluation and demonstration of the software.

We also offer an agency licence to facilitate fully managed services. This is a very  flexible way to use our software to generate revenue for your business.

If you would like to discuss please Contact us.


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