Predictive analytics to drive conversions

Maximise results by adding Apteco intelligence to your marketing strategies.

Smart technology to complement your marketing know-how

The Apteco marketing software is designed to make your life easier and help you build and deliver campaigns that deliver incredible results. Apteco intelligence (AI) is the special ingredient that adds extra insights and capabilities into your campaigns. Our deep understanding of predictive analytics, profiling and scoring, integrated into your automated campaigns will give your communications an added edge, helping you to improve performance and engagement.

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Offer individuals their best next offer
Offer individuals their best next offer

Use your customers' transactional behaviour to forecast their most likely next purchase. Apteco FastStats® analyses the propensity and popularity of previous purchases, excludes products already purchased, and accurately suggests products likely to instigate the next purchase.

Automate A/B testing and adapt instantly
Automate A/B testing and adapt instantly

Apteco PeopleStage™ can make continual improvement a certainty for your next campaign. Discover how to continuously adapt and improve your marketing campaigns to boost engagement rates and drive increased sales.

Campaign level priority

While you want your prospects and customers to receive relevant messages and offers, you don't want to communicate with them too often. With campaign prioritisation your audiences for forthcoming sends are evaluated, and records eligible for multiple campaigns are filtered according to which campaign ranks as most important. This ensures that each recipient gets the marketing communication most likely to engage them, and reduces the risk of them unsubscribing. 

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Individual level scores

The individual level score uses a variable to rank the suitability of each campaign for each individual. This can be applied to determine the importance of a number of campaigns based on an individual's preferences. Using the likelihood of engaging or purchasing, score values can be applied looking at predicted responses, and campaign audiences can be refined accordingly to ensure each delivers the best possible results. 

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