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Apteco provides a comprehensive suite of modular data analysis and campaign automation software tools, allowing your business to create the marketing software solution you need to boost sales and create delighted customers. Our tools make it easy to unearth insights in your customer data, thanks to “drag and drop” screen elements and visual charting.

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 Discoverer: Marketing Software solutions

FastStats Discoverer

FastStats Discoverer is our flagship product providing the main customer interface for train of thought analysis and visualisation of your business data.

FastStats Discoverer provides a unique combination of speed and power for data exploration, data mining analysis and customer understanding. Extra modules can be added for additional campaign management and data modelling functionality.

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FastStats PeopleStage

FastStats PeopleStage is an interactive multi channel campaign management application. It enables multiple users to implement marketing process flow diagrams that describe and automate your marketing.

FastStats PeopleStage allows you to automate highly personalised marketing communication programmes; making it easy to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

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FastStats WebLink

FastStats WebLink™ is a comprehensive marketing workbench application delivered through a web browser. With anyplace, anytime access to your marketing software, your campaigns become even more responsive and effective.

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FastStats Cascade

FastStats Cascade™ is a specialist campaign management module within FastStats Discoverer and FastStats WebLink™ designed to co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions administered by different users.

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Apteco offers a range of database design tools which allow data professionals to build, manage and host our marketing software systems. It’s easy to gain a holistic view of your data and to create your own specialist marketing tools.

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The transfer of data to and from other business applications needs to be as seamless and simple as possible. Apteco software integrates with a host of digital marketing, CRM and web analytics solutions.

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How is FastStats® so powerful and so fast? If you work in IT and are ready to implement FastStats®, learn about the robust, resilient and secure technology behind FastStats®, and how it fits into your existing IT infrastructure.

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