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State-of-the-art technology that puts your customers first

The Apteco Marketing Suite™ enables you to ensure that every piece of marketing is relevant, targeted, and personal.

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Apteco FastStats®

Apteco FastStats®

Transform all your offline and digital data sources into easy-to-understand visuals that give you a total customer view. Analyse even the largest data sets to gain insight and improve campaign effectiveness.

Apteco PeopleStage™

Apteco PeopleStage™

Turn insights into action with the tools to create, manage, and deliver automated, personalised marketing campaigns across your channels.

Apteco Orbit™

Apteco Orbit™

Seamlessly share critical data with internal stakeholders, giving them the information that’s most important to them in a user-friendly format.

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Give every prospect and customer the personalised experience they demand

We're a safe haven for those drowning in data, giving you the tools to deliver an outstanding customer experience. To every customer. Every time.

Our aim is to help you to create and manage marketing campaigns that produce outstanding results, by putting the right marketing messages in front of the right customer at the right time. And we understand that this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

That’s why we help you make sense of all your data, so you can understand each and every prospect and customer. It’s why we enable you to effortlessly segment your audience for maximum impact. And why we give you industry-leading software to run smart, automated campaigns that deliver real results.

Personalise your messages

Personalise your messages

Customers who feel understood are more likely to become loyal brand advocates, delivering greater revenue for your business.

Map out the customer journey

Map out the customer journey

As price and product become blurred, more and more customers are choosing brands that deliver the best experiences.

Run true omni-channel campaigns

Run true omni-channel campaigns

Keep your brand top of mind and drive greater engagement by interacting with your customers across multiple channels.

Companies we work with

Many top brands are already using Apteco’s powerful algorithms and innovative technology to solve their most important challenges.

"Through, the use of Market Insight/Apteco FastStats tool combined with the D&B data, Canon has achieved full customer segmentation, it also continues to provide the visibility needed to help shape a ‘Customer Centric Approach’, which will ultimately drive a better customer experience over the medium term"

John Marks, B2B Strategy Manager

"Thanks to the SCV database and FastStats® system we can target every communication using the most appropriate – and cost effective – channel mix, optimised for each individual customer. Each communication can be targeted with pinpoint accuracy – and aimed precisely at when each customer’s car is likely to need attention."

Morgan Jamison, Head of Retail Marketing

"The Apteco Marketing Suite™ is just a wonderful platform to bring people together to learn what your data explains."

Werner Hunger, Software Architect
Key-Work Consulting GmbH

"We have finally been able to achieve our goal: to send personalised communications whilst also ensuring the right customers are notified of events, at the right time."

Sarjit Binning, Marketing Database Manager
NEC Group

"We used Apteco FastStats® to predict fan retention and as part of the weekly performance management process to track where different risk score groups should be in terms of purchasing their season ticket. This was incredibly useful. With a few days to go, we still had 10,000 tickets to sell to hit target. With Apteco FastStats we knew the vast majority of these fans were very low risk meaning vital marketing activities were not used needlessly."

Kyle Cockett, Insight Manager

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