Orchestrate multi-stage automated campaigns in Apteco Orbit

Connect data and channels, automate highly targeted, multi-channel messages, then personalise, activate and monitor your campaigns – all from one platform.


Unlock actionable insights to create your perfect target audience, then use it immediately to activate your campaigns.


Create messaging your audience will love, by personalising with recommendations and content based on customer interactions.


Trigger single and multi-stage campaigns to engage with customers via multiple touchpoints through the full funnel.


Monitor up-to-the-minute insights as they come in, so you can act fast and deliver more positive outcomes.

Optimise the customer journey

Seamlessly move from interrogating your data and creating highly targeted audiences, to creating personalised campaigns that turn your customer insights into campaign actions and results. With Apteco’s journey builder you can design and deliver single and multi-stage campaigns to engage with customers via multiple touchpoints through the full funnel. 

Automate and broadcast your multi-channel communications via your customers favourite channels, including email, social, messaging and offline. Set your campaigns to run at a specific date, time, and time zone, or trigger communications using interaction splits - like click throughs and bounces. You can also split your audience into different segments and send each segment down different paths and set time delays to optimise the timing of your campaigns.

Orbit campaign building - Orchestrate journeys

Build and refine campaign audiences

Create highly targeted and personalised campaigns to improve the relevance of your marketing messages and activate more customers. Add multiple audience lists to include and exclude in your campaign and Apteco Orbit will automatically de-dupe your lists to ensure you only send to relevant contacts. You can also conveniently move your audiences up and down the list, to establish which audience segment has priority.

Budget and resource constraints mean that marketers often need the ability to apply limits to campaign volumes, Apteco Orbit allows you to quickly and easily set both quantity and percentage limits.

Apteco Orbit campaign building

Give your campaigns a personal touch

No one knows your market like you do - so show your customers how much you value them by ensuring that their communications and interactions are personal and relevant. Apteco can help you to leverage the power of personalisation to influence purchasing decisions, increase engagement and drive sales. Add fields such as voucher or mailing codes, job or campaign numbers and codes or flags to every record in your data output. 

You could also add variables from your database that are unique to each customer record, such as customer segment, model score, date of birth, last product purchased, date of last purchase or drive time, to ensure that every customer journey is unique and relevant to each individual customer.

Apteco Orbit campaign building

Supercharge your email marketing

Apteco's email builder is perfect for all levels of email creators. You can start from scratch, upload your own layouts, or select from a variety of pre-designed templates, where you can create and deliver beautiful emails using flexible drag-and-drop functionality. 

With Apteco email you don’t need to leave the Apteco platform to design your emails. Our email builder provides a secure and reliable delivery platform, or you can choose to broadcast through your preferred ESP from our comprehensive list of integrations. And before you press send, you can use our preview and test capability to ensure that your emails render perfectly across various devices and browser types.

Apteco email

Monitor campaign performance with up-to-the-minute insights

Once your campaign is running, you’ll want to start monitoring its performance to ensure you are reaching your goals. With Apteco Orbit you are able to track and monitor up-to-the-minute insights as they come in. Key metrics are displayed on the campaign overview screen including open and click through rates, as well as a calendar view and visualisations showing costs and channels.

You can also visualise your results using Apteco interactive dashboards. Filter and slice your response data to build custom views and audience selections so you can optimise and refine your campaigns even further, helping you discover new customers and unlock opportunities.

Apteco Orbit campaign building

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