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At Anaylin we order, assimilate, analyse, connect and make sense of traditional and new (‘Big Data’) datasets. Our goal is to identify, develop and execute customer strategies that create measurable return on investment and drive long-term customer value.


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From current capability assessment to campaign delivery and everything in between - we use data strategy & planning, analysis & insight, database & campaign management, not forgetting measurement, to help organisations achieve the solution to their business issues

Partner for 9 years since 2014

Ebenezer House
Tower Road South
BS30 8BJ
United Kingdom

T: 07770 605380

FastStats has been at the heart of our client’s solutions for over 10 years. We have worked with companies starting out on their data driven journey and with those more advanced businesses who now require flexibility; where the blending of the offline and online worlds requires greater data insight and efficient, scalable technology.

Neal Rimay-Muranyi

Neal Rimay-Muranyi


  • Client list available upon request


  • Leisure & travel
  • Utilities and Communications
  • Retail including FMCG
  • Charities
  • Financial Services
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