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D&B (NYSE:DNB) is the world's leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses.  D&B's global commercial database contains more than 240 million business records. The database is enhanced by D&B's proprietary DUNSRight® Quality Process, which links businesses together to giving detailed business family tree, to gain immediate insight into the broadest opportunities.

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Searching for a list of prospects? Struggling to get a single customer view? Seeking to understand and build out your sales territories?  Have a clear view of market opportunity?  Market Insight will provide you with a comprehensive, detailed view of your customers, married with D&B data to allow you to make smarter marketing decisions.

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United Kingdom

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  • St John Ambulance
  • TNT
  • IGO Post
  • Honeywell
  • AKZO Nobel
  • British American Tobacco


  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Utilities
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturing
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