ISS Market Intelligence (formally Matrix Solutions)

A leading global provider of data, analytics, insights, media and events solutions to the global financial services industry.

We empower firms by providing cutting-edge market-engagement platforms and the actionable intelligence necessary to fully assess their target markets, identify and analyse the best opportunities, and execute on comprehensive go-to-market initiatives to grow their business.

Our product solutions include proprietary data, powerful software and analytics, timely and relevant insights, and in-depth research, as well as an extensive suite of industry-leading media brands that deliver unmatched market connectivity through news and editorial content, events, training, ratings, and awards.

Partner for 19 years since 2005

4th and 5th Floor West
1 London Bridge
United Kingdom


  • Primary Sector: Financial Services
  • Investment Fund Management
  • Investment Trusts
  • Pension Fund Management
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Financial Adviser
  • Financial Services
  • Charity
  • Telco
  • Utility
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