We help organisations maximise the value of their customers by joining the dots between data, people, policies, processes and systems.

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Credit Risk:

Whether acquiring a new customer, managing their in-life experience or collecting overdue invoices, we combine our industry leading data software and extensive experience in customer risk management to help you minimise your exposure to risk and maximise your collections rates through the implementation of bespoke customer risk management solutions.

Revenue Assurance:

Identify revenue leakage in your systems and processes using our industry leading revenue assurance solution. Our unique solution combines our proprietary control frameworks, revenue assurance methodologies and data software to deliver significant revenue and cost improvements. Across our projects, these improvements have identified revenue leakages in the millions.

Value Based Management:

Discover your most valuable customers and how to optimise your revenues with our powerful Value Based Management solution. Our leading-edge solution leverages your internal data sets, our sophisticated VBM software and our extensive value management expertise to deliver actionable value based insights to inform decision making, reduce costs and improve ROI.

Data Management Solutions for Analytics:

Our data management capabilities address our client’s unique business needs by leveraging their data to help them increase the value of their customers and deliver insights to influence business decision making. Through our bespoke data management solutions and our analytics capabilities, we have the right tools and skills to implement solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

Customer Data Solutions:

We are experts in data and enable organisations to use it intelligently. We help clients to transform their customer data into a structure they can use, and we help improve it, make sense of it and drive value from it. Our customer data solutions address the end-to end customer lifecycle from prospecting and marketing to customer management, billing, collections and retention.


Our consulting and delivery services underpin almost everything we do and many of our solutions are available both as a one off and as a managed service. Historically, our consultancy expertise has been used to help deliver everything from new systems and technologies through to target operating models and cultural change, in a smooth and timely manner with minimal disruption.

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As a FastStats user since 1998 I’ve seen the product grow through a number of guises, increasing in both breadth of functionality and ease of use over time, and providing our users with the best blend of functionality and performance. A key factor to all of this though is the knowledge of a robust, reliable platform developed and supported by a group of people who really care about making it as good as it can be.

Matthew Tamea, Solutions Consultant, Sagacity

Matthew Tamea, Solutions Consultant, Sagacity


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