Apteco FastStats Overview

Data exploration, analysis and visualisation software

Apteco FastStats

Uncover new insights with Apteco FastStats®

Apteco FastStats® provides a comprehensive suite of data exploration and visualisation tools that will help your business carry out more efficient and refined marketing campaigns. Capabilities ranging from simple data selections to advanced customer analytics and predictive modelling ensure that even the largest data sets can be interpreted quickly for improved insight and fine-tuned campaigns.

Apteco FastStats® will uncover new insights and display your data in ways that are both meaningful and actionable.

Using Apteco FastStats®, your business will be able to:

  • Better understand customer and prospect behaviour
  • Understand customer and transactional information fast!
  • Create robust and repeatable marketing processes
  • Create stunning visualisations to better communicate findings
  • Access to customer data at your fingertips
  • Quickly analyse large datasets, ensuring no insights are missed
  • Model potential outcomes and create responsive marketing campaigns to match
  • Reduce your workload by scheduling tasks to run automatically
  • “Drag and drop” interface allows you to perform even complex data analysis with ease
  • Create campaign audience segments for accurate targeting and customer journey insight Measure, analyse and report on key measures such as ROI
  • Analyse customer journeys to determine how customers move between segments and are retained over time

Intelligent customer segmentation tools

Apteco FastStats® provides the tools your team needs to view customer and marketing data from any angle, in order to gain insights.  By utilising wizards and a “drag and drop” interface, Apteco FastStats® is simple to use and intelligent customer segmentation tools can be used to create focussed targeted campaigns. Data  can then be quickly uploaded to your email provider for campaign execution, before collecting the latest round of results for further analysis.

Additional FastStats® modules for greater analysis options

Extra modules plug into Apteco FastStats® seamlessly for additional data modelling, profiling, mapping, reporting and campaign management functionality. 

Read more about FastStats modules: FastStats Modelling™   FastStats Excelsior™   FastStats Geo™

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