FastStats Geo 

Geographical analysis and visualisation 

FastStats Geo Module

Discover areas of untapped potential using FastStats Geo

Gain insight into your marketplace using the geographical marketing module for Apteco FastStats®. FastStats Geo highlights areas of untapped potential. The FastStats Geo module is an integration with Microsoft Bing Maps that allows you to visualise the spatial distribution of your data and export targeted selections for immediate use in your marketing campaigns.

    • Gain insight by visualising the locations of customers and prospects
    • Designed for marketers with an easy to use drag and drop interface
    • Discover patterns in the geographical spread of your customers
    • Build custom maps tailored to your data
    • Analyse performance by geography for increased insight
    • Produce maps and reports automatically
    • Find new target areas of untapped potential to increase sales
    • Use insight immediately to create targeted selections for campaigns
    • Target prospects based on geographical relevance

Visualise your data

FastStats Geo integrates seamlessly with the Apteco FastStats® data analysis interface. Users can simply drag and drop the Map tool onto a FastStats workbook to create thematically shaded and point maps, or overlay a map with pie charts, histograms or store locations. You can view the concentration of your customers and prospects across a geographical region or pinpoint their exact location down to street level.

Zooming in allows you to view the details of each individual record or area and these details can show any fields or statistics available in your FastStats database. There are numerous display options that allow you to present the results in meaningful ways and highlight information to the audience.

Using FastStats GeoTM  you can:

  • Gain insight by visualising the locations of customers and prospects
  • Create shaded and point maps
  • Zoom in to view details of individual records
  • Display or hide the road network
  • Build maps with multiple layers
  • Overlay a map with pie charts or histograms
  • Transfer maps to Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Include maps in reports scheduled to run automatically
  • Export data for campaigns
  • Create custom drive zones around single or multiple points
  • Calculate drive times or distances by road between two points

Download our FastStats Geo Product Sheet

Next Steps

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