Want to transfer data seamlessly to and from the Apteco Marketing Suite to other business applications and channels? The Apteco Marketing Suite integrates with email service providers, CRM solutions, social media, SMS, contact centres, direct mail, mobile push, customer review websites and web analytics - avoiding the hassles and inaccuracies caused by multiple systems and siloed working.

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Digital Delivery Integrations

Find out how the Apteco Marketing Suite integrates with your current email, SMS and digital delivery platforms, allowing you to fully automate multi-channel campaigns and response gathering.

CRM Integrations

Improve information sharing and collaboration between your marketing and sales teams by sharing insights and data between marketing and CRM systems.

Social Media Integrations

Discover how the Apteco Marketing Suite integrates with social media, helping you to save time by incorporating social posts and adverts into your marketing automation programmes.

Web Analytics Integrations

Gain additional insight into website user behaviour and identify potential improvements to boost sales by linking your marketing data with web analytics tools.