CRM Integrations

Integrate Apteco FastStats® with and Microsoft Dynamics


Sales + marketing = ROI

Apteco FastStats® integrates seamlessly with and Microsoft Dynamics, so that:

  • Your sales team gets a better picture of each new prospect, helping them tailor their messaging.
  • Your marketing team receives additional information about the later stages of the sales cycle, which can be used to target future campaigns.

Better data sharing and communication between the marketing and sales teams helps improve the handover of leads and prospects, reducing missed opportunities.

Modelling performance stats

How does the integration work?

A simple CRM integration wizard allows users to export data directly from Apteco FastStats® into a account in just four simple steps. All you need is a logon and a security token so that the wizard can be made available in Apteco FastStats®.

FastStats Designer, the application used to build and design FastStats® systems, can download data directly from your account. By performing a simple refresh, your Apteco FastStats® system will automatically import the latest CRM information ready for data mining and analysis.

CRM Integration System with Salesforce

How does the Microsoft Dynamics integration work?

Upload data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics is a flexible, powerful business solution for customer relationship management (CRM).

You can upload, update and insert any selection of data from Apteco FastStats® to Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the Microsoft Dynamics wizard within Apteco FastStats®.

The wizard supports both Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise.

Microsoft Dynamics

Next Steps

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