Database services

The quality of your marketing analysis is only as good as your Apteco Marketing Suite database.

Apteco Database services

Over time, your marketing data will:

  • Go out of date.
  • Be subject to duplication.
  • Remain incomplete in certain cases.

Any of these factors will skew the results of your marketing analysis; too many out of date email addresses will inflate your bounce rates, and inaccurate contact information could even damage your brand.

Work with our partners

Many Apteco Marketing Suite users around the world use our approved partners’ database services. Our partners add value with database services like:

  • Single customer view – pulling all your customer related data together to create a single, authoritative record for each contact or prospect.
  • Data enrichment – augmenting your marketing database with new contact lists, or adding new information to existing records.
  • Data cleansing – removing old or incomplete records from your marketing database to prevent wasted resources and effort.

Investment in database services that improve the quality of your data will be repaid through greater accuracy in your analytics, allowing you to fine tune your marketing campaigns for greater success.

Next Steps

Looking for more information? Our demos and case studies could inspire you with ideas for using the Apteco Marketing Suite in your business. Or perhaps you’re ready to choose a partner? If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please get in touch by phone or email. Our experienced team will offer advice tailored to your challenges.