Database Management

Database managers understand the benefits of different business departments using dedicated systems to perform specific tasks. When systems with their own data store require more database management systems, many choose a generic solution - sacrificing functionality for easier deployment.

Database management systems

FastStats Discoverer

Apteco’s FastStats Discoverer software is designed to slot easily into your existing infrastructure:

  • FastStats Discoverer and Apteco’s database Designer tools are designed for maximum compatibility with your other systems and databases – often directly accessible using your existing database management solutions and tools.
  • You’ll cut your workload by providing the marketing team with tools to manage and visualise their customer data independently - reducing the pressure on your team to provide reports and data exports.
  • You’ll benefit from secure and speedy querying services, even on enterprise-sized data sets.


FastStats Discoverer:

  • Is easy to implement and manage.
  • Is supported by Apteco’s range of training options.
  • Export data and share visual insight across departments.
  • Measure ROI and gain Business Intelligence using reporting tools.
  • Boosts Marketing ROI.

"FastStats® is treated as the central hub of data at Speedy, where it is hosted, and all Market Intelligence information feeds into it, and other systems integrate with it. FastStats® is updated daily and a nightly feed of data is taken from their operational system and monthly feeds of prospects from a number of suppliers."

A FastStats® user at Speedy Hire, speaking at the 2012 FastStats® User Group Conference

Next Steps

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