Why choose the Apteco Marketing Suite?

When evaluating marketing tools it is not always easy to compare what is on offer. To make this easier we have summarised 7 points that distinguish the Apteco Marketing Suite from other software products on the market.


7 good reasons to choose the Apteco Marketing Suite:


Alles aus einer Hand

Everything from one source - data analysis, omni-channel campaign management & automation

The close interaction between analysis ("thinking") and campaign management ("doing") plays an important role when it comes to data-driven marketing. With the Apteco Marketing Suite you receive a fully integrated marketing suite.

Usability - Wir entwickeln Marketing Software und machen nur das

Usability - marketing software for the marketing user

The Apteco Marketing Suite was developed purely for marketing users. Continuous usability studies ensure that the software is intuitive and that marketing users get the functionality they really need.

Schnelle Implementierung - ohne Einfluss auf die bestehende IT-Landschaft

Rapid deployment - without impact on the existing IT landscape

Your existing databases will only be "mirrored" in the Apteco Marketing Suite. This allows an implementation within a few days without your existing system landscape being touched.

Aus Big Data wird Easy Data - schnelle, leistungsfähige Analysen zu Mittelstandspreisen

Big data - fast, powerful analysis on SME prices

The Apteco Marketing Suite combines lightning-fast database technology with an intuitive user interface within a SME price range. Dig deep into your data to create highly targeted segments and track customer behaviour, then use this immediately for efficient campaign management and automation.

Nur 1 Klick von Ihren Kundendaten entfernt - per Drag&Drop erstellen Sie Zielgruppen direkt aus der Analyse

Always one click away from your customer data - drag and drop to create audiences directly from visualisations

There are many tools that allow you to visualise your data. With the Apteco Marketing Suite™ you can access your customer data immediately. The simple drag and drop interface means that you can select a segment with ease and carry out further analysis, or export the data, without delay.

Stetige Verbesserung - Zugang zu neuen Funktionalitäten

Continuous improvement - access to new functionality

More than 70 resellers worldwide and their clients contribute to the development of the Apteco Marketing Suite. With four software releases each year Apteco can quickly implement suggestions so that all users benefit from continual improvements.

Kanalunabhängigkeit & Multichannel Fokus - 25 E-Mail Service Provider, Facebook, Mobile Push…

Multichannel focus - integration with 7 key channels: email, SMS, social, direct mail, contact centre, CRM, mobile push…

There are more and more touch points through which the customer expects holistic communications. For this reason we integrate constantly with new channels in our marketing suite, so you benefit from a truly closed loop marketing approach.

Next Steps

Looking for more information? Our demos and case studies could inspire you with ideas for using the Apteco Marketing Suite in your business. Or perhaps you’re ready to choose a partner? If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please get in touch by phone or email. Our experienced team will offer advice tailored to your challenges.