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A Question of Time: Segmentations and Customer Journeys

Discover how to measure elapsed time in your next Segmentation report in order to enrich the understanding of your customer journeys, and empower your marketing strategies

Read more Written by Chris Roe on Thu 13 Jul 2017

Who’s Been Looking at My Data? Practical Data Privacy Within a FastStats System (Part 2)

The forthcoming GDPR legislation requires an organisation to be able to monitor and audit data usage.

Read more Written by Rob Downs on Thu 29 Jun 2017

Now You See It, Now You Don’t - Practical Data Privacy within a FastStats System (Part 1)

The forthcoming GDPR legislation requires data privacy protection by design and default.

Read more Written by Rob Downs on Thu 22 Jun 2017

Forget what you knew about the four Ps: Marketing has changed

Technological development has fundamentally changed the world of business. With the customer in the driver’s seat, what’s the best way to steer your marketing approach?

Read more Written by Ben Warren on Thu 16 Mar 2017

A Quick Test for Dodgy Numbers

Rob Downs, founding director at Apteco, explores Benford’s Law which can be used to detect accounting fraud.

Read more Written by Rob Downs on Thu 9 Feb 2017

The long bumpy road from multi-channel marketing strategies to omni-channel

As we move into 2017, how are Apteco partners and FastStats® clients classifying their communications approach?

Read more Written by Melanie Davis on Thu 2 Feb 2017
Brexit Thumbnail image

What does Brexit mean to a British Business engaged in Europe?

Exactly what will the likely commencement of our exit from the EU in 2017 mean for businesses.

Read more Written by James Alty on Wed 25 Jan 2017

Get Less for Nothing [SQL Server 2016 SP1 Page Compression Update]

Discover the benefits of page compression to Apteco PeopleStage.

Read more Written by Tim Heron on Fri 13 Jan 2017