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Is the Apteco Marketing Suite affected by the recent Microsoft ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ security updates?

Discover what the new Microsoft security updates mean for the Apteco Marketing Suite.

Read more Written by Tim Heron on Tue 17 Apr 2018

Successful customer-centric marketing: 4 priorities for 2018

Fully utilise the digitalisation of customer relationships by keeping these four topics close to heart.

Read more Written by Martin Clark on Wed 21 Feb 2018

On-the-fly aggregations part 2: What happens next?

Read on as we delve deeper into Apteco’s new on-the-fly aggregation functionality, revealing how it can answer complex questions of conditional probability and more.

Read more Written by Chris Roe on Wed 7 Feb 2018

On-the-fly Aggregations part 1

Learn how you can accelerate your data aggregation practices while reducing unnecessary overheads – discover the new on-the-fly functionality from Apteco.

Read more Written by Chris Roe on Mon 22 Jan 2018

Customer Journeys: The Basics of Journey Management in Marketing

From unifying your data sources to accurate analysis of audience behaviours, learn the seven key steps to crafting a brand experience that truly resonates with your customers.

Read more Written by Anne-Kathrin Stolz. on Wed 6 Dec 2017

The evolution of automation: A journey from A to B

We take a look at the rapid pace at which A/B testing practices have evolved, and explore the artificial intelligence software that is empowering modern marketers to embrace automation in...

Read more Written by Ray Kirk on Wed 18 Oct 2017

A Question of Time: Segmentations and Customer Journeys

Discover how to measure elapsed time in your next Segmentation report in order to enrich the understanding of your customer journeys, and empower your marketing strategies

Read more Written by Chris Roe on Thu 13 Jul 2017

Who’s Been Looking at My Data? Practical Data Privacy Within a FastStats System (Part 2)

The forthcoming GDPR legislation requires an organisation to be able to monitor and audit data usage.

Read more Written by Rob Downs on Thu 29 Jun 2017