Apteco launches new online learning environment

Posted: 06 May 2021

Apteco is excited to announce the launch of the Apteco Learning Hub, their new online learning environment which is accessible to all licensed Apteco users and partners.

The new online learning environment, the Apteco Learning Hub, has been designed to complement Apteco’s ‘live’ trainer-led courses, with the initial aim being to create meaningful and enjoyable resources that accompany and support new Apteco users to get up and running with the different tools. The learning platform also offers partners and customers the opportunity to learn according to their own interests and without time constraints.

Initially the focus of the Learning Hub will be on the Apteco Orbit platform. Courses merge theory and practice and allow users to independently learn and grow their skills at their own pace, around their own schedule and many of the courses and resources are offered free of charge, often with badges to earn on completion.

As with all businesses, the training environment has had to adapt and evolve over the last year, but with people’s expectations of training already changing pre-pandemic, Apteco’s plan for a self-access learning platform was already in the pipeline.

Di Austin, Training Manager at Apteco explains,

“As we know ‘live / face-to-face’ has taken on a new, rather 2-dimensional meaning in the last 12 months and, whilst we very much hope that we will get back to the physical training room to run courses in the future, it would be naïve to think that there has not been at least some permanent shift for training delivery moving forward.  People’s expectations of how and when they want to learn were already changing, but the change will most certainly have been accelerated by recent events – and, importantly, its effectiveness tested.  We have actually transitioned our live course provision very smoothly across into a live but remote, online offering.  We will continue to meet this demand moving forward and expect to run these courses via the learning environment in time.”

Apteco plans to keep adding new resources to the online learning environment as Apteco’s software continues to develop. This may mean adding new sections to existing courses or creating completely new courses.

“We have plans to add in new learning that complements our existing provision,” reveals Di, “Building on functionality that is covered in live training, or covering topics that are not part of our current course content."  

Di also hopes to run live training sessions through the learning platform,  pre-recorded seminars, or Q&A sessions,

“We want to take a “blended learning” approach, giving users access to a variety of training options comprised of self-access e-learning and trainer or consultant led sessions. Watch this space! As trainers, we hope to provide useful, engaging and meaningful resources that equip a user with the necessary knowledge to get started, and the confidence to then explore and exploit the available tools to their fullest extent.”

Aylin-Denise Tütüncü, Technical Consultant at Apteco Germany adds,

"For me, what is most exciting about the new platform, is the high degree of interactivity it provides. Videos, screenshots and quizzes turn the courses into an interactive learning experience. Users are free to create their own learning journey and enroll in courses of their choice. "

Licensed partners and users of Apteco’s software can start on their learning journey, by clicking here, to go to the Apteco Learning Hub login screen and submitting a request for a new account.