Apteco partner Insight Stream co-sponsor The Great debate

Posted: 17 Sep 2015

The life source for any business is the customers who supply it with revenue, feedback, and loyalty. To interact effectively with a business’ most valuable resource it needs to be able to create insight by accessing information about its customers.

This information is accessible in the form of data. Data has the potential to deliver value if interrogated in a way that delivers insight supported by data evidence. By having this insight you have a source of intelligence that can help to inform customer management and how you can ultimately keep your customers happy.

This particular topic area is going to be discussed at The Great Debate this September. The tone of the event is one of open discussion and informed debate where individuals from within the data and marketing industry can come together and share their thoughts on the way in which data can be best utilised in order to improve the customer management within their businesses.  

Founded in 2013 by four partners that provide complementary services in B2B Customer Management, The Great Debate is now in its third year, and has built up an impressive list of senior level delegates who follow the series of debates.

Apteco’s partner Insight Stream’s Founder and COO, Geoff Downer, has long been associated with the Great Debate and the business is now co-sponsoring the event. The core discussion areas of the debate cover the areas that Insight Stream work within, and will include updates from industry leaders such as Vitality and VMWare.

Geoff Downer comments;

“We are delighted to co-sponsor the next Great Debate - especially as insight drives all Customer Management. As a data insight and analysis business we are able to draw upon our own wealth of experience within this topic area and look forward to some interesting and passionate debate.”

To find out more please visit; http://greatdebate.uk