CLIC Sargent become FastStats client with Wood for Trees

Posted: 11 Jan 2016

Wood for Trees and Apteco are delighted to announce that CLIC Sargent, the leading UK cancer charity for children and young people, has joined the 20 distinguished names to partner with them as FastStats users.CLIC Sargent logo

The move has come about because CLIC Sargent’s fundraising activity has in recent years become more wide-ranging and intensive, with direct mail, telemarketing, text and email channels each using a variety of content types. These all call for effective analysis and reporting systems to direct and execute fundraising activity to maximum advantage.

Despite improvements in internal systems and analysis strategies, the individual giving team at CLIC Sargent faced major obstacles in accessing their supporter data to acquire the necessary insights because of overstressed systems and lack of resource.

CLIC Sargent identified FastStats as a possible route to a solution and key way in which to help fuel fundraising growth. This pioneering data exploration and visualisation data tool has been successfully implemented by many leading charities. CLIC Sargent’s investment takes them on to the next level in terms of campaign activity and increased income, and having already worked with Wood for Trees on data hygiene projects it was an easy decision to decide to collaborate – particularly as Wood for Trees is an experienced Apteco partner with a long and successful track record of building effective FastStats systems in the charity sector.

It is expected that FastStats will also generate significant benefits more widely within the charity once it is established.

CLIC Sargent’s key objectives from FastStats include:

·       Increased response rates by targeting more effectively

·       Profile most active supporters to acquire and cross-sell to more

·       Significant improvements in processing speed

·       Models and campaigns in one integrated, co-ordinated environment

·       Rapid market penetration, ROI prediction and customer profiling reporting

·       Develop and internally produce models to score, rank and segment the database

·       Add sophistication to data selections by managing multi-channel campaign execution and response management

·       Measure, analyse and report on response and greatly improve attrition reporting capabilities and visualise results


Emma Corbett, Solutions Manager at Wood for Trees, said;

“FastStats has the potential to drive a real step-change for CLIC Sargent in terms of their internal data management, analysis and insight capabilities. They know what they need it to do and we’re really pleased they’ve chosen to partner with Wood for Trees to help them build and optimise their system. We’ll be there to help them to acquire the skills needed to get the very best out of this powerful and multi-faceted suite of data tools.”