Data HQ complete FastStats accreditations

Posted: 14 Jan 2015

Data HQ complete Cascade, Modelling and Excelsior accreditations

Apteco Ltd is pleased to announce that one of its approved partners Data HQ now holds accreditations for training in Cascade, Modelling and Excelsior.

Tom Eburne, Data HQs Head of Insight and Analysis, attended the assessments at Apteco’s training suite in Warwick. He passed the assessments carried out by Apteco’s training manager where he needed to demonstrate his ability to teach the software to a professional standard in order to be able to train clients.  

 Apteco Training Manager, Robin Prouse comments;   

“Tom has shown great commitment and skill in completing our accredited trainer courses. Tom has now completed all of our current accreditations making Data HQ the partner to presently hold the most accreditations. Congratulations to Data HQ.”

Accredited Trainer Logo

Apteco partners with FastStats accreditations are highlighted on the Apteco online partner directory so that potential FastStats users can see which organisations hold accreditations when searching for a suitable supplier.