Data HQ to revolutionise Papa John's customer communications

Posted: 01 Jun 2016

Apteco partner Data HQ to revolutionise Papa John's customer communication strategy

Papa John’s is an internationally recognised brand delivering quality pizzas across 37 countries.

After a 6 month planning phase, Data HQ are pleased to announce their Single Customer View (SCV) database management program for Papa John’s is due to go live.

Papa John’s appointed Apteco partner, Data HQ, in 2015 with a clear remit - to collate all data feeds: online, store collections, communications history, social and more, into one easy, accessible source. The database will be used to deliver a greater understanding of Papa John’s customers and to identify opportunities to increase revenue and market share. The SCV database will also manage data selection and reporting.

Andrew Gallagher, Marketing Director, Papa John’s said;

"We had numerous data sources which proved challenging when trying to glean a clear understanding of our customer base. The work Data HQ have done will improve all aspects of the current customer communications and marketing plan."

The database is accessed via Apteco’s FastStats tool which was identified as the best solution.

Francesca Hose-Berte, Apteco Business Development and Marketing Consultant, said;

"We’re really pleased FastStats is the chosen analytics tool. Data HQ are a skilled Apteco partner and have a reputation of delivering quality results being one of our most accredited agencies."

Tom Eburne, Data HQ’s Head of Insights goes on to say;

"The Data HQ team are really excited to be working with Papa John’s. The new solution will leverage the data available to provide a highly targeted data set for acquisition. The insights provided through data mining will enable our experienced analysts to develop a sophisticated customer journey to maximise the effectiveness of every Papa John's communication which, in turn, will lead to increased customer engagement."

To find out more about Data HQ visit their partner page.