February 2013 software release now available

Posted: 18 Mar 2013

The February 2013 release of the FastStats® marketing data analysis and campaign automation software is now available to Apteco’s partners and their clients. The software release notes and webinar, which provide details of the new features and functionality, can be downloaded by logging into the exclusive member’s area of Apteco.com.

This release of FastStats Discoverer™ includes more powerful suppression functionality for Cascade users and improvements to the Modelling Environment for comparisons with existing data models. As part of Apteco’s continual emphasis on high powered and speedy performance of the FastStats® software suite, memory handling has also been improved.

FastStats PeopleStage™ now offers improved performance through a reduction in the size of diagrams. The increase in speed of running reports and campaigns in this release helps to improve the user experience further. There is more flexibility for users applying exclusions to data selections and a number of interface improvements have been made to make the software more intuitive.

FastStats® systems can be built more easily due to a number of improvements to the FastStats® Designer software, which is used by FastStats® administrators to design and build FastStats® systems. Improvements in the way virtual variables can be refreshed as a post load action, as well as better standard extract processes and several improvements to the lookup table properties dialog, all ensure that FastStats® systems continue to be more efficiently managed and maintained.

Apteco produces four releases of FastStats® per year with full documentation of improvements and corrections. These releases are not compulsory as users can choose which to apply, but they are cumulative, so all intermediate improvements and corrections are applied automatically when updating. Apteco post notice of all corrections on their online forum so users can make knowledgeable decisions about the version of FastStats® to use.