How to master your customer data management

15 Apr 2020  |  by Neil Evans

This month we have a guest blog from one of our premium partners. Apteco work with a network of digital, data and marketing specialists to install and manage the Apteco Marketing Suite. Our premium partners provide the skills and expertise to help you build strong marketing messages, with positive customer journeys that drive business growth. Learn more about what our premium partner Blueberry Wave have to say on managing your data in their guest blog.

Data is the keystone around which the customer experience is founded. However, there is often a disconnect between what brands aspire to achieve with data and what they are actually capable of doing in terms of targeted marketing.

Some 76 per cent of marketing leaders say their marketing decisions are driven by data (The Annual CMO Spend Survey 2019-2020, Gartner). Yet, 65 per cent of global sales leaders say it’s too difficult to get meaningful insights from their data (eConsultancy report 2019).

The new ebook from Apteco premium partner Blueberry Wave, How to master your customer data management, is targeted at brands that are spending all their time wading through complex, fragmented, inaccessible data, and struggling to enable smarter marketing to increase ROI.

Right sizing your organisation’s data strategy is a critical step in transforming your marketing. This ebook is the first in a new series from Blueberry Wave that addresses the components of a data driven marketing transformation.

The ebook will lead you through the process of understanding your current customer data capabilities and identify strategies to improve your marketing through intelligent and informed investment decisions.

Download the ebook today to gain practical advice on how to take control of your data and maximise your return on investment from all future marketing campaigns.

Blueberry Wave’s guide to data management will help readers to:

  • Pinpoint what is making data management so challenging for their business
  • Get guidance on how they can gain control of their data using recommended strategies
  • Discover what leading brands are doing to address their data challenges
  • Maximise the use of data throughout the organisation to increase efficiency and effectiveness

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