Key highlights from the Data Trends Report 2023

08 Mar 2023  |  by Melanie Davis

How marketers are using new technologies, campaigning methods and data trends to overcome economic uncertainty

2022 started so positively, only for that optimism to be hit by rising inflation, spiking energy prices and a cost of living crisis. Faced with this economic uncertainty, what are marketing professionals doing to boost campaign performance in 2023? Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of our Data Trends Report 2023.

Key highlights from the Data Trends Report 2023

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This is just a brief overview of today’s goals and challenges for marketing professionals, and their ambitions for the next 12 months. As marketers continue to strive to fully understand the customer journey and drive engagement, we predict that customer analytics will come to the fore in 2023. For more insights and inspiration on what your peers are focusing on during this time of economic volatility, get the full report.

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Melanie Davis

Group Marketing Manager

Since 2007 Mel has led the Apteco marketing team in driving the Apteco brand. She has been a B2B marketer in the data and marketing technology sectors for over 20 years. Her aim is to ensure that Apteco is a trusted and respected brand that is the first point of call for all data driven marketers.

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