Simply the best! Best use of FastStats awards highlights

25 Feb 2016  |  by Melanie Davis

Apteco’s annual Best use of FastStats Awards highlight innovative real life examples of data driven marketing strategies that delivered impressive, measurable, results. Below are a few examples of some of the most innovative FastStats enabled marketing campaigns from this year’s awards.

Rewarding data-driven campaigns in the real world 

The Best use of FastStats Award competition has been running for six years and demonstrates some of the most skilful and innovative uses of our software in the real word. 

Finding ways to improve internal processes and new ways to increase campaign response rates can be a real battle for marketers; yet each year our partners and their FastStats clients show us that real world data challenges, such as increasing data volumes and a more competitive landscape, won’t hold them back. They surprise us with exciting and innovative projects using our FastStats technology, sometimes pushing their organisations to make big strategic decisions to deliver measurable improvements to the customer experience. The contribution to commercial success through ROI, campaign performance or improved marketing processes that save vast amounts of time, illustrates real skill from the marketers, data analysts and campaign professionals out there working hard every day to make the best use of their data.

Recent highlights

I thought I’d share some highlights from recent Best use of FastStats Award finalist entries to illustrate what can be achieved, particularly when the customer is put at the heart of an organisation’s data strategy.

Prezzo & Planning-inc (2015 Winners)

Prezzo’s FastStats implementation has had a truly transformative impact on a business looking to steal a march in a highly competitive sector. In a market driven by promotions, Prezzo is now able to move away from one-size-fits all offers and create micro customer segmentations using Discoverer. With PeopleStage fully integrated as their campaign management platform, Prezzo is able to target offers based on value and engagement; resulting in increasing margin and relevancy. What is more, a true customer lifecycle can be defined and lapsing behaviour identified based on channel response metrics and dining habits. With all POS and till data brought into the system, Prezzo users can easily run “basket” analysis through Discoverer to understand correlations between specific menu items, ordering sequences and customer or visit value.

ProTyre & Purple Agency (2015 Finalists - 2nd Place)

ProTyre have not only been able to generate automated selections for time driven events such as MOTs and servicing, but also using the Date Dimensions functionality in the FastStats cube visualisation, have created virtual variables describing each driver’s individual wear patterns. This allows ProTyre to predict when brakes and tyres are likely to require replacement for every driver, triggering communications based on the customer’s driving behaviour. Not only does this mean reminders are highly time-specific, but they also enable ProTyre to promote offers on the products customers need exactly when they need them taking away the guesswork. The results and response rates have been exceptional. The impact on customer satisfaction has also been spectacular, with ProTyre enjoying NPS scores of 84 per cent, higher than Apple, Amazon or Starbucks!

P&O Ferries & R-Cubed (2014 Winners)

P&O realised that they needed to adopt a smarter, faster approach and automate tailored campaigns. Utilising FastStats PeopleStage the team were able to design, test and rollout fully automated campaigns that managed the daily scheduled customer journey communications. Within just a few weeks, P&O were testing automated campaign activity. P&O’s PeopleStage implementation is now delivering 1000’s of different message variations in 6 countries and 2 currencies on a daily basis. The results have been absolutely staggering; within just 3 months P&O have seen the activity delivering incremental ROIs of over 500.

RNLI & Qbase (2013 Winners)

In 2012, the RNLI undertook a large-scale review of business processes. This review had two primary objectives, first, to make efficiency savings in the organisation and secondly to put the supporter at the heart of fundraising activities. The RNLI have now completely restructured their fundraising, insight, research data, marketing and fundraising teams. This new structure looks at facilitating a supporter journey rather than forcing a supporter down a particular path. As a result clusters segmentation was first tested for the Christmas Appeal 2012 and delivered a 6% increase in response and income despite a 10% reduction in the campaign circulation which saved the RNLI £25,000.

Following this success, Clusters segmentation was expanded for the summer campaign and delivered staggering results. The campaign allowed more supporters to be included with a greater execution of personalisation and messaging based on the segment profile. This expanded segmentation delivered an increase of 53.5% in responders on the previous year which equated to a £285,756 increase in donations, a 9.28% response rate and a slight increase of 2.2% on average gift value.

FastStats Awards 2016

The 2016 Best use of FastStats Award entry forms will be available in the summer. I have no doubt that once again we will be inspired and impressed by the work that is being done right now by marketers to ensure that their organisation’s 2016 campaigns are the best yet.

Using FastStats:

  • Prezzo & Planning-inc Increased margin and relevancy of promotions
  • ProTyre & Purple Agency Thanks to FastStats ProTyre now enjoy NPS scores of 84 per cent, higher than Apple, Amazon or Starbucks!
  • P&O Ferries & R-Cubed Now deliver 1000s of different message variations in six countries and two currencies on a daily basis.
  • RNLI & Qbase Were able to generate a 53.5% increase in responders on the previous year which equated to a £285K increase in donations.

These are some real world examples of the use of FastStats. Discover how data insights can make your campaigns more successful, download, "How to track customers as they take a journey with your business" now.

How to Track Customers as They Take a Journey with Your Business

Melanie Davis

Group Marketing Manager

Since 2007 Mel has led the Apteco marketing team in driving the Apteco brand. She has been a B2B marketer in the data and marketing technology sectors for over 20 years. Her aim is to ensure that Apteco is a trusted and respected brand that is the first point of call for all data driven marketers.

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