SlideShare: Use behavioural insights to more accurately predict the future

27 Aug 2001  |  by Melanie Davis

How predictive customer journey analytics can help marketers to recognise previously seen patterns and deliver better campaign outcomes.

Data is a marketer’s version of a crystal ball, offering a way to more accurately predict the future. But while a fortune teller’s “skills” are suspiciously opaque, a marketer’s craft is based firmly in science. Our convenient SlideShare explores predictive customer journey analytics, also known as behavioural modelling, and explains how it allows marketers to use previous behavioural patterns to understand how customers are most likely to act in the future.


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Melanie Davis

Group marketing manager

Since 2007 Mel has led the Apteco marketing team in driving the Apteco brand. She has been a B2B marketer in the data and marketing technology sectors for over 20 years. Her aim is to ensure that Apteco is a trusted and respected brand that is the first point of call for all data driven marketers.

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