Discover the benefits of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

23 Apr 2020  |  by James Alty

Watch our webinar to learn how a CDP can enable you to achieve your targeting, personalisation, and automation objectives.

Our special webinar looks at the emergence of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), which are “packaged software that create a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.”

Watch the webinar now to learn more about how to create a CDP, how to use your CDP to pinpoint the ideal audience for a campaign, and how a CDP can help you master personalisation and tracking the customer journey.

As you can see, CDPs are an effective way to understand your prospects and customers and ensure you always send highly relevant marketing messages to the right audience.

It’s also worth remembering that your customers are never static – as circumstances and life events change, so will your relationship with them. Successfully recognising this and changing the tone and angle of your marketing is crucial in remaining relevant.

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James Alty

Managing Director

Founder & MD of Apteco, James is a technologist at heart, now responsible for ensuring we meet our clients’ needs with powerful software and great services. Outside Apteco, James is a squash player, private pilot & single speed cyclist.

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