Your end-to-end actionable data insights marketing platform

One place to create highly targeted audience lists, visualise and analyse your data, build emails and activate and optimise high-performance marketing campaigns.


Start by securely and easily uploading – or connecting – your data into the Apteco Cloud - our flexible and secure cloud solution. Access all your connected data sources to make smarter, data-informed decisions from a holistic view of your customer, prospect, behavioural and transactional data. Then integrate and connect with your preferred ESPs and fulfilment channels.
Connecting with people is easy too. Your data tells a story, and Orbit makes it easy for you to share insights and campaign reports with all relevant stakeholders in a simple, visual online format.

Apteco Orbit Connect


Embrace formidable analytics capabilities powered by Apteco FastStats® technology to explore your data. Create dashboards containing key insights with the ability to filter, build lists and drill down interactively from visualisations. 

Upload your logo and select or create colour themes to design beautiful, branded dashboards to share insights across your organisation. Visualisations are updated automatically to reflect the latest data refresh, so your teams can always work with up-to-date information. 

Orbit - analyse


Better understand your audiences for more targeted and effective campaigns. Use data exploration and visualisation tools to convert large volumes of transactional, multi-channel data to identify your ideal audience, and create targeted customer segments.

Quickly create and check a target audience list for your campaign, and then export, or trigger a broadcast, using Apteco email or your chosen ESP. Empower your marketing teams to build audience definitions for themselves, directly from visualisations, at the moment of need.

Orbit - target


Turn your insights into action and orchestrate every part of your campaign to deliver the right message, to the perfect audience, at the ideal time – all from one platform. 

Connect your data and channels to help you extract actionable insights to build and refine your perfect target audience. Then use your audience immediately to activate your campaigns. Design beautiful, responsive emails in our integrated email platform and collect valuable insights to help qualify your leads with Apteco forms. Personalise and automate your multi-stage, multi-channel marketing journeys in the journey builder, and then monitor the status and performance of your campaigns from any connected device, 24/7, so you always have live insights to act fast.

Apteco Orbit campaign building

Supercharge your email marketing

Easy-to-use email editor and templates

Design, automate and send responsive highly personalised emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.


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Use all your data to generate insights to action your campaigns using Apteco Orbit.
Connect, analyse, target and campaign, all in one beautiful workspace.

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Turn insight into action with the Apteco Orbit platform

Orbit use cases

Explore some examples of how companies currently benefit from Apteco Orbit.

Interactive marketing dashboards
Interactive marketing dashboards
Targeting and analysis
Targeting and analysis
Audience building
Audience building
Email marketing
Email marketing
Apteco provided direct access for multiple users in the marketing team to see and act on data, insights and predictive models.

Marie-Louise Lord, Senior CRM Manager, New Look

We play nicely with others

By integrating Apteco software with your existing applications and tools, you can get one version of the truth and operate with greater accuracy and efficiency.

More marketing power when you need it

Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage™ offer greater functionality for more powerful data analytics and modelling, multi-channel and multi-stage campaigns.

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