We're Hiring

The Apteco team is about 50 people worldwide with a mix of skills across multiple disciplines.  We have greybeards who've seen it all and apprentices who are learning afresh.  What brings them together?  They are all great people dedicated to producing powerful, useful, attractive software for our customers.  We look for exceptional candidates who can bring enthusiasm and expertise to Apteco.  We provide a high specification working environment in our office in central Warwick and support remote working in many roles.

Great People

We recognise it takes great people to make a great company. We care for people by giving them a productive place to work and supporting their continuous development. We participate in training, conferences, degree programmes, apprenticeships and mentoring. We provide people with an environment where they can excel and leave them to choose how to do it.

Real Flexibility

We don’t clock watch and simply ask you to fulfil your role and be proud of what you contribute every day. Come in late or leave early as long as you're happy you average your hours over the long term. You can make personal use of all the company’s facilities.

Big Benefits

We pay good salaries and round out the package with benefits that include generous pension, healthcare, and parental support. You can stay at our log cabin or work a secondment at one of our overseas offices.

Organised Upside Down

Our organisation structure is drawn upside down compared to most companies. The Directors are at the bottom supporting the Team Leaders who support all the staff. We draw it like that to emphasize the importance of the staff doing the real work.

A Log Cabin in the Woods

We own a log cabin in the Snowdonia National Park. We use it for team offsite meetings, but it is primarily available for members of staff to rent at cost for their families. It is surrounded by woods and mountains and is a prime location for outdoor activities. Cycle the Marin trail? Whizz along Europe's longest zip wires? Bounce on trampolines in a slate cavern? All your choice!

Remote Working

We make remote working as enjoyable and as effective as working at our office in Warwick. You’ll miss out on the rounds of tea, but everything else should be just as easy by webcam and web meeting. We even have 360o webcams, so you can see everybody round the table.

Profit Share Bonus

We distribute a share of our profit as an annual bonus. This gives us all a long term shared interest in looking after our customers. What are you going to spend your bonus on? A car? A bike? A share in a plane?

Annual Offsite

We all get together with the families from all our offices once a year. We include partners and kids and pay for all the travel and accommodation. We've been skiing in Tignes, to the market in Marrakesh and the hot pools in Reykjavik. Where would you take us? Barcelona or Berlin? Atlas Mountains or Arctic Circle?