Social campaigning with Apteco PeopleStage

Posted: 16 Mar 2021

In Apteco’s Q4 2020 software release the ability to create and publish multi-platform social media campaigns using the Apteco PeopleStage campaign automation software was made possible.

The multi-platform social campaigning functionality was released with the purpose of allowing marketers to schedule and publish campaigns (now, in the future or reoccurring) on multiple social platforms in one go. Different content such as copy, links, and media can be used for each platform, but the posts are conveniently set up within the same campaign in PeopleStage.

Where there is a regular rotation of evergreen content across platforms, PeopleStage can ensure that this content is posted to each platform as scheduled. For added control a campaign can instantly be paused, if alternative content is required, and later resumed as needed.

To read more about this functionality, visit the Apteco Help Hub or login to view the full Q4 2020 release notes.

Multi-social campaigning

Using PeopleStage to understand campaign success

Rather than spending time scouring multiple platforms, and frustratingly trying to consolidate all the information into one report, campaign metrics from PeopleStage campaigns can be collated into one dashboard report on the Apteco Orbit online platform, to highlight content winners and to aid future decision making.


Software that works harder, so you can focus on strategic thinking

One of the focus areas for PeopleStage over the last year has been to improve usability within its social media integration capabilities. Product manager Liz Walker advises: “Time saving mechanisms are one of our main objectives. With the operational side of delivering content taken care of by PeopleStage, the marketer is left with significantly more time for creative and strategic thinking.”

To find out more about multi-social campaigning in Apteco PeopleStage read our blog, written by Liz Walker.