Client Prezzo | Partner Planning-inc | Industry Retail | Key objective Creating value-led differentiation through data

The challenge

Prezzo has over 245 restaurants across the country, with 200 under the core Prezzo brand and 37 under its Mexican-themed Chimichanga. The Prezzo restaurant group also operates the Cafe Uno, and Cleaver chains in the UK.

Prezzo approached Planning-inc with a number of business and operational challenges to which they sought a data-led solution. 

Prezzo planning challenge

A key objective for the business was to address the overwhelming reliance on promotions to drive footfall into restaurants. Prezzo realised that only through harnessing the data assets at their disposal and by fully understanding customer-level dining trends could they address this issue. They saw an opportunity to move from ‘one size fits all’ discounting to a strategically driven one to one communication programme, where promotions were managed at a customer-level based on engagement and spend. 

The business was also keenly aware that being able to address this fundamental challenge would open up the potential for a whole raft of business and customer insight to drive operational and guest experience management activity.

Prezzo challenge report example image
Prezzo is fully harnessing the potential of the Apteco software. The infrastructure built with Planning-inc represents a powerful customer experience management platform that is moving the dial for the business in terms of incremental revenue and guest management.

The Apteco Solution

Given Prezzo’s requirements and the potential of their data, Planning-inc proposed a solution that would harness the Apteco marketing software key assets by using Apteco FastStats®, Apteco PeopleStage™ and FastStats Geo™.

Apteco FastStats

Apteco PeopleStage

FastStats Geo

Once engaged by Prezzo, Planning-inc first undertook a Single Customer View (SCV) build, bringing together data from a number of disparate data sources. With no common key to be found across the sources, a sophisticated matching algorithm was developed to effectively combine records together across all of these sources.

Moving forward, a whole programme of behavioural-led communications are on the roadmap for delivery. The targeting opportunities are endless; crucially the business is now enabled to focus on managing key elements of customer experience.

The impact on the business

Explore some examples of how companies currently benefit from Apteco marketing software.

Seamless email integrations
Seamless email integrations

Seamless integrations with existing communication channels
With email representing a key communication channel for Prezzo customers, PeopleStage has been seamlessly integrated directly with the business’ email services provider, ExactTarget, to support email broadcasting.

Total flexibility for marketers
Total flexibility for marketers

Multi-channel campaigns to support business strategy
The Apteco software has been designed in such a way that PeopleStage™ can support several approaches to targeting, offering Prezzo marketers full flexibility for achieving differing campaign selection requirements based on business needs.

Sophisticated targeting
Sophisticated targeting

Optimising customer experience by managing promotions with real-time execution
In order to optimise activity and increase sophistication of targeting, communications needed to include a unique, personalised offer. With the ExactTarget integration, Planning-inc worked with Prezzo’s to create a custom integration that enabled the real-time execution of voucher driven campaigns containing personalised 1-2-1 offers.

Fully automated customised campaigns
Fully automated customised campaigns

No unnecessary processing of virtual variables
The quantity of rich transactional data available provides massive potential for virtual variables. Planning-inc developed a customised persisted variables folder that allows Prezzo marketers to specify which virtual variables created should be refreshed each time the system is deployed, without the need to make design changes. This is crucial as it enables fully automated campaigns without adding unnecessary processing of variables that are only required on an ad-hoc basis.

Quickly build & launch prioritised campaigns
Quickly build & launch prioritised campaigns

Evolving Prezzo’s customer contact strategy
With the infrastructure built, tested and imbedded, Prezzo looked to quickly drive value from the newly available data and campaign toolkits. Using a combination of visualisations including cubes, charts and venn diagrams to begin to understand the targeting scope and opportunities available, the teams were quickly able to build and launch prioritised marketing programmes.

Apteco marketing software users can make use of the multitude of campaign collateral held within the offer portal. All of this complex functionality is fully hidden from the marketing user, who simply needs to select the relevant channel and ensure that the offer ID is specified within the content step.