FastStats tutorial 5: Drive cross & up selling campaigns

16 Aug 2018  |  by Melanie Davis


Drive Cross and Up selling Campaigns 

Our fifth tutorial video illustrating how FastStats can answer some of the key questions you have about your customers explains how an Apteco FastStats system typically holds the buying history of a customer as a series of transactions. Using the Best Next Offer wizard we can use this information to suggest the most likely next purchase for a customer and highlight this product in a personalised marketing communication to them.

Using our fictitious travel company database of over 1 million people, this example will illustrate how it‘s possible to analyse customers based on their previous holiday destinations, and then calculate the most likely best next destination to promote to them.

Using previous transactions to analyse what a customer is more likely to want to purchase next is a great way to create highly personalised cross selling and upselling campaigns. Creating communications about relevant products and services, rather than wasting time on products that a customer is unlikely to ever want, will increase campaign responses and improve the customer experience with your brand.

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Melanie Davis

Group Marketing Manager

Since 2007 Mel has led the Apteco marketing team in driving the Apteco brand. She has been a B2B marketer in the data and marketing technology sectors for over 20 years. Her aim is to ensure that Apteco is a trusted and respected brand that is the first point of call for all data driven marketers.

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