FastStats Cascade

All your current campaigns in one place. FastStats Cascade allows you to manage multiple multi-channel marketing campaigns, giving you the tools needed to keep them running smoothly.

Campaign management software

FastStats Cascade is a specialist marketing co-ordination and campaign management module within FastStats Discoverer and FastStats WebLink. It is designed to co-ordinate and manage multiple direct marketing promotions being run by various members of your team.

Whether you are handling numerous creative pieces across highly targeted customer segments or large volume mailings to your prospect base, Cascade makes even the most complex DM strategy easy to implement and deliver.

Cascade Markeitng Coordination Software

FastStats Cascade allows you to:

  • Improve your marketing campaign measurement and management for board level reporting.
  • Co-ordinate direct marketing campaigns across departments and disciplines.
  • Reduce the time needed to plan and launch a campaign, shortening time to ROI.
  • Carry out multi channel campaign execution and response management from a single interface.
  • Accurately measure the lift achieved by your marketing, and apply those insights to future campaigns.

"As a long term user of the software I cannot be more positive about how FastStats® allows us to gain a better understanding of our customers. The flexibility and control it offers is amazing and as a data driven business it’s vital we have tools like FastStats® to help drive the business forward. As a multi-brand publisher its important we have a tool that offers the flexibility to manage all of our campaign requirements simply and without too much effort, especially the scheduled promotions - Cascade does a perfect job in my eyes."Database Marketing Manager, Haymarket

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