Apteco Orbit

Share the stories hidden within your data. Apteco Orbit is a browser based, platform-independent sharing application that works on tablets, phones and desktop computers.

Orbit: Share the stories hidden within your data

Apteco Orbit Overview

Apteco Orbit allows users to monitor and share campaign activity and to share the stories behind their analytics by presenting visualisations and storyboards in a highly accessible way - even to non-Apteco Marketing Suite users. 

Apteco Orbit Analytics

Apteco Orbit supports storyboards containing seven types of charts, Venn diagrams and cubes created using the Apteco FastStats® data visualisation and analytics tool. Whether you want to review charts on an iPad, Venn diagrams on an Android phone or the raw numbers on a laptop, Apteco Orbit provides an appropriate layout and interaction. You can share your insights and tell your data stories with Apteco Orbit, safe in the knowledge that your organisation’s insights are accessible to everyone who needs them and nobody else.

Apteco Orbit Campaigns

Quickly and easily monitor and share campaign activity, results and costs from your PeopleStage campaigns in real-time. Campaign activity reports are automatically updated and can be accessed anywhere from your desktop, tablet or smart phone.